Kehen Temple is a beautiful Hindu temple located in the foothills, southern part of Bangli Regency. Inside of Kehen temple there is Panyimpenan Temple building. Hence, this building has 3 inscriptions related to the contents and existence of the temple .The location of Kehen temple is strategic in the highlands, so we can see beautiful scenery. This is a famous temple in Bali and many visitors from abroad have visited it. Moreover, Bali Island has many interesting places throughout the island. One of tourist destination that you must visit while you go for a walk to Kintamani is Kehen Temple.

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Kehen Temple, The Story Review

Explanation of the existence of inscriptions in Kehen Temple:

  • Kehen Temple Inscription ‘A’ mentions the existence of 3 sanctums namely Hyang Api, Hyang Tanda, and Hyang Karimama
  • The Kehen Temple  ‘B’ Inscription from 11 centuries mentions the imperial official, Senapati Kuturan Mpu Kandara. This describes the words of anathema in oath
  • Inscription from 13 centuries (year 1204 M) mentions Hyang Kehen and Hyang Wukir. Right now Hyang Kehen is the same with Kehen Temple and Hyang Wukir is Puncak Bukit Bangli Temple .

Function of Kehen Temple as follows:

  • It is one of Monarchic Temple. Kehen temple is under the supervision of the king while the ceremony follows local rural customs
  • Kehen temple become a sanctum which is used as an altar (oath) for imperial officials. Therefore, if someone who is unfaithful to his obligations, they will get very terrible Sapata or curse. The function of Kehen temple as sanctum in the implementation of the oath ceremony is support by the existence of 4 dragon tails, namely canister Sarpantaka. Nowadays, the canister is put in a  Gedong building
  • Worshiping the supremacy of Lord Shiva in Eka Dasa Rudra to give blessings to human life and the universe to be fertile, safe, prosperous and peaceful.

The courtyard structure of Kehen Temple is set to have a terrace and it shows a megalithic tradition. Then as a symbol of the existence of the mountain which is one source of fertility. The candi Kehen ceremony is divided into 2 types, namely the Piodalan Ceremony which takes places every 6 months on Wednesday Keliwon Sinta (Bali Calendar) and the Ngusaba Ceremony which take place every 5 years.

Other Bali Places to Visit in Bangli Regency

Bangli Regency is located in the northeast of the island of Bali where most of its territory is located in the highlands. The following places of interest can be visited includes Kintamani, Kehen Temple, Penglipuran Village, Ulun Danu Batur Temple, Bukit Penulisan Temple and Dusun Kuning Waterfall.


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