Kusamba Beach is one of the famous places of interest in Bali which is famous with the beautiful beach. The boat line with the outrigger belong to the fisherman from countryside are decorating the black sand unfolding along the coastal. Nusa Penida Island is across view which is only occupied by 40.000 people. Kusamba own the marvelous view with the splashing wave from the ocean with soft sea breeze.

Kusamba Story.

Name of Kusamba is factually not far from the struggle history of Balinese in fight against the Dutch colonist. During the war against the Dutch in Kusamba on 23-24 May 1849, the Balinese hero had succeeds to make afraid the Dutch soldier and had killed the Dutch key man – Letnan General Michiel.

What to see at Kusamba Beach?

kusamba, kusamba beach, bali, places, beach, places of interest, bali places of interest, klungkung, boats, traditional boats We can see the fisherman are looking after the prawn seed, send the rice, legume, fruits and other materials to Nusa Penida twice a day. The fisherman from Kusamba with the big boat and five crews can squire the material heavy as of 1,5 cargo ton to Nusa Penida. They can across the sea from Banjar Tri Buana, Banjar Bias Coastal and Kampung Island Coastal with 30 minutes until 2 hours time differences and it is depend to the type and transportation medium speed utilized. Beside of that, this boat can also squire the passengers who wish to enjoy the beautiful coral and the white sand coastal in the island cross of Bali . At the west side of this coastal, especially in Banjar Batur, there are 40 families of fisherman as the traditional salt maker.

Other Bali Places of Interest Nearby

kusamba, kusamba beach, bali, places, beach, places of interest, bali places of interest, klungkung, viewKlungkung Regency is located in east part of Bali Island and it own the old story of kingdom in Bali since the biggest king of Bali had existed in this regency. Kusamba Beach is one of tourist destination that you can visit during vacation in Bali. There are several places of interest can be visited in Klungkung Regency includes Kerta Gosa, Goa Lawah Temple and Kusamba Beach. It is strategically situated in the sightseeing area where you can visit when traveling to the east part of the island or join the customize tour to Besakih or Karangasem Tour. You can contact your local travel company or through Bali Star Island, then our professional tour guide with save driver will encourage you to the proper sites.


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