The Gateway to Explore Komodo National Park – Labuan Bajo Flores

Labuan Bajo Flores is a fishing town situated in the west part of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province. It is one of the small fishing villages in the West Manggarai Region and being rapid growth, especially in the tourism sector. Labuan Bajo or what local people call it also Labuhanbajo has developed itself by building infrastructure such as hotels, restaurants, bars as well as the airport. This place is one of the entrance gateways to visit the Komodo National Park. This village stands on a limestone hill and faces the amazing sea view. Even now, Labuan Bajo Flores is a centre of tourism in Flores and offers luxurious hotels as well as exciting Komodo Dragon Tours. Let’s start to explore Komodo National Park.

Other Famous Places Near Labuan Bajo

crystal beach, Kanawa island, labuan bajo, komodo national parkThere are many other famous places or tourist destinations in Flores near Labuan Bajo. The following tourist destinations you can visit during a visit to Labuan Bajo such as Batu Cermin CaveKanawa Island, Seraya Islands and Kalong Island. Furthermore, Kanawa and Seraya Island are the best places for snorkelling and diving. Meanwhile, Kalong Island present a thousand of flying fox bats in particular sunset time. The town is quite small and can easily be traversed on foot or by vehicles. Komodo Airport is just 2 km from the centre of Labuan Bajo as well as undertake the sustainable development to support the tourism sector. Previously, the capital of transportation in this town is local boat and ferry to transport passengers and other goods to Bima Island.

Labuan Bajo Economy

overview, labuan bajo, flores, labuan bajo flores, komodo, komodo national parkThe main economy for residents is tourism, fishing as well as transportation. Furthermore, their economic focus on tourism in particular for hotels, restaurants, bars, adventures and sightseeing. Komodo National Park is a very popular park and captivating tourists to come and visit it. Meanwhile, Labuan Bajo Flores is an entrance gate for visitors to visit the park especially for those who travel from Bali. The most foreign tourists come to Labuan Bajo Flores are include European, many from Italy, Australia as well as the United Kingdom.

Other Famous Tourist Destinations in Komodo National Park

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