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Lembongan Day Cruise Experience is one of the experiences that is hard for us to forget. We come with all Bali Star Island staff and enjoy a sunny day and sail the Lombok Strait to Lembongan Island. This event is a staff gathering for the 7th anniversary of Bali Star Island. It has made a lot of memories where we can enjoy all cruise activities such as snorkelling, banana boats, village tours and enjoying beach club facilities. In fact, we also enjoy a BBQ lunch while looking at the beautiful sea view. This activity also provides more value for all employees about product knowledge of entire cruises. For this reason, this is an offsite activity that we have done to build togetherness for each employee. Moreover, this can also restore the spirit of our employees so that it can increase work productivity in achieving the goals that we have designed.

Bali Hai Beach Cruise Cruise , Lembongan Day Cruise Experience

From a number of cruise options, we have chosen Beach Club Cruise Activities where Bali Hai is a cruise operator. This company has been collaborating with Bali Star Island for a long time and has given mutual trust to all guests. As usual, we departed from Benoa Harbor at 9 am on a luxurious cruise to sail through the Lombok Strait. This is a very pleasant trip with international standard cruise ships and friendly crew. So, our trip is not boring and even the ship has docked in a pontoon. After that, we cross to the island using the glass-bottom boat.

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Beach Activities at Lembongan Island

Once we arrived at Lembongan Island, we immediately enjoyed the beach activities that had been provided. This activity includes a banana boat ride and snorkelling. Also, we have used beach club facilities such as volleyball, swimming pool, pool table etc. We also join other group participants for the village tour.

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BBQ Lunch

A delicious lunch with a choice of BBQ menus has made our holiday even more memorable. We took time together to have lunch at a restaurant while talking to fellow employees and management of Bali Star Island.

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Cruise Ending 

After lunch, we resumed our beach activities. We have spent this precious time on an island of heaven with clean white sand. Meanwhile, Lembongan Island is also blessed with clear water, clean beaches and very beautiful underwater life. This place is a perfect place for a vacation away from the crowds. Finally, we returned to the cruise ship. Bali Hai II departs from Lembongan at 3 pm and arrives at Benoa Harbor at 4 pm.

Other Bali Star Island Staff Activities

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