Explore a New destination in Nusa Penida “Sabela Beach”

New destination in Nusa Penida “Sabela Beach” is a new destination positioned southeastward of Nusa Penida Island. It is close enough to the legendary Beach of Atuh. Sabela Beach is located in Karang sub-village, Pejukutan village, Nusa Penida. It is about  45 minute drive from the district centre. Initially, the beach was only used for fishing points by the locals since there is no access yet. Visitors can directly visit this place by using a motorcycle. The atmosphere of Sabela Beach is so quiet and fresh. Despite its beauty, the area remains undeveloped without hotels or resorts around. Sabela Beach presents equally memorable experiences awaiting you on a pristine unspoiled beach, away from the hustle. Take walk along this virgin beach is so amazing with white sand and flanked by two exotic capes, Pah Gede and Juntil Cape.

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Let your foot touch the natural wonder with all its splendour. It is an ideal place for relaxing, camping sites and soaking. But be aware of the strong current. Besides the blue sea water, waves, and sunset, you can also see the majestic of Mount Rinjani from a distance. According to the local story, Sabela derives from the word ‘Se ‘means one. Meanwhile ‘Bila’ refers to a place or source of water. It is true that there is still a natural well which can be used as a source of water from a few years ago and never dried off even in the dry season.

From this beach, you can also reach Atuh Beach in 15 minutes by trekking and passing Juntil Cape. However, if you use the main route you should turn back to Karang Village Center and take the right way. Do not miss visiting Sabela Beach on Nusa Penida Island directly opposite Lombok Island.

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