Yogyakarta Biggest Hindu Temple – Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple is one of Yogyakarta’s biggest Hindu temples situated in central Java built in the 9th century. Furthermore, this temple is also called Candi Rara Jonggrang because it is related to the local legend of Princess Rara Jonggrang who asked Bondowoso, a prince of the Royal Pengging to build a thousand temples in one night. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to prove this story due to no historical objects or inscriptions that can show it. Meanwhile, Prambanan Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Trimurti (Tree Gods based on Hindu beliefs) such as the God of the creator (Brahma), The preserver ( Vishnu), and the destroyer ( Shiva). This is the largest Hindu temple site in Indonesia and one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. Moreover, UNESCO has appointed this temple as one of the World Heritage Sites. Hence, it is famous as one Yogyakarta’s Tourism Destinations.

Prambanan Temple History

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Prambanan Temple

As one of Yogyakarta Biggest Hindu Temples, it is also the largest ancient Hindu temples in Java Island. Furthermore, it is likely started by Rakai Pikatan as the Hindu Sanjaya Dynasty’s answer to the Buddhist Sailendra Dynasty’s Borobudur and Sewu temples nearby. Firstly, a temple was built at the site around 850 CE by Rakai Pikatan and expanded extensively by King Lokapala and Balitung Maha Sambu, the Sanjaya king of the Mataram Kingdom. Furthermore, according to Shivagrha inscription of 856 CE, this temple was built to honour Shiva God and its original name was Shiva-Grha (the house of Shiva). The temple collapsed during a major earthquake in the 16th century that made many people. Hence, it effected of reducing the ritual at this temple. Despite, the temple ceased to be an important centre of worship, the ruins scattered were still recognizable and known to the local Javanese people.

Prambanan Temple Compound

There were a total of 240 temples standing in Prambanan where the compound consist of:

  • 3 Trimurti Temples: three main temples dedicated to Shiva, Visnu as well as Brahma
  • 3 Vahana Temples: three temples in front of Trimurti temples dedicated to the Vahana of each god; Nandi, Garuda as well as Hamsa
  • 2 Apit Temples: two temples located between the rows of Trimurti and Vahana temples on the north as well as southside
  • 4 Kelir Temples: four small shrines located on 4 cardinal directions right beyond the 4 main gates of the inner zone
  • 4 Patok Temples: four small shrines located on 4 corners of the inner zone
  • 224 Pervara temples: hundreds of temples arranged in 4 concentric square rows; numbers of temples from inner row to outer row are: 44, 52, 60, and 68

Other Yogyakarta Tourist Destinations Nearby

During your visit to Yogyakarta or Central Java, here are the recommended other Yogyakarta tourist destinations that you never miss such as Borobudur Temple, Pawon Temple, Mendut Temple, Prambanan Temple, Sultan Palace, Yogyakarta City, Kotagede Silversmith, Ngasem Bird Market, Taman Sari as well as Kalibiru.

How to get to Prambanan Temple using public transport?

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Prambanan Temple
  • Hop on bus 1 A: If you’re staying in Yogyakarta, most hotels are clustered around the main drag, Jalan Malioboro. There are two bus stops on this street.
  • Frequency of buses: buses run fairly frequently ± 15 minutes.
  • Cost: The cost (one-way) to reach the Prambanan Temple is affordable for all visitors. The ride takes roughly one hour. It is comfortable as well as the buses are air-conditioned, offering a nice escape from the scorching heat.
  • When to get off? The stop for Prambanan is at the end of the line, so you don’t have to worry about missing your stop. But it never hurts to tell the driver to let you know when to get off.
  • How to get from the bus stop to the temple? The temple grounds are located directly across the street from the bus stop. Simply cross the road, head to your right and walk about three minutes up the road in order to reach the entrance. You’ll see a large parking lot. Walk across the parking lot and you’ll see the ticket booth.
  • Buying tickets: We must purchase the entrance ticket before entering the temple at reasonable prices. The ticket will be divided into the adult rate as well as children rate.

Other Places of Interest or Tourist Destinations Nearby

Photo Gallery

The Facilities in Prambanan:

  • Archaeological Museum as well as Audio Visual
  • Train
  • Information Center
  • Entertainment Center
  • Bicycle rental
  • Restaurant
  • Souvenir Shops
  • Parking Area
  • 6 Fields/yards for recreation
  • Food Stalls
  • Drink Stalls
  • Security

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