Second Biggest Komodo Dragons Sanctuary in Komodo National Park – Rinca Island

Rinca Island is the second biggest island in Komodo National Park and also a Komodo Dragons sanctuary. It is also known as Rincah and Rindja Island, a small island near Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, within the West Manggarai Regency. Furthermore, it is part of Komodo National Park famous as a habitat of the giant lizards in the world. Meanwhile, the island surface consists of limestone hills with wide savanna where the Komodo Dragons love to stay in. Moreover, there are other species of wild animals living together on this island such as water buffalo, monkeys, forest pigs, deer, birds etc. Also, Rinca Island is one of the famous tourist destinations to discover the big reptiles of Komodo living freely on the land. The majority of popular Komodo Dragon Tours put the island into the tour itinerary with exciting trekking adventures through the island.

Komodo Dragons Habitats at Rinca Island

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Komodo Dragon at Rinca Island

These lizards can measure up to 3 meters (9.8 ft) long and populate with many other species such as wild pigs, buffalo, crocodile and many birds in this island. Furthermore, Rinca Island is a good place to see the Komodo dragons with its natural environment fewer people to disturb them. We can visit the island in the day time by departure from Labuan Bajo using local boat. Meanwhile, the wide size of the island is 198 square kilometres (76 sq mi). Beside of Komodo, the crocodiles are also free living in this island especially in the swampland or at Loh Buaya arrival jetty. Therefore, we must be careful when entering the island and must assure that the rangers always accompany you on the trips.

Loh Buaya, The Crocodile Habitats in Rinca Island

wooden bridge, loh buaya, crocodile bay, rinca island
Loh Buaya

It is a small bay on the island of Rinca where the crocodiles wildly living in this place. Loh Buaya is coming from the local world where Loh means bay, while Buaya is crocodile. Since the crocodiles are found in this bay then slow down this area is called by Loh Buaya or Crocodile Bay. Furthermore, Loh Buaya is the only arrival jetty of Rinca Island where the boats are usually docking at this place. There is a wooden bridge in front of the entrance gateway to facilitate the tourists to visit the island. Meanwhile, Rinca Island is the easiest island to find Komodo Dragons due to we can find the Komodo when we arrive at this island. There are also several trekking adventures available through this island to discover the Komodo Dragons.

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