Seminyak Hotels Offers Best Deals for Seminyak Villas, Resorts and Other Accommodations

Seminyak Hotels provides comprehensive ranges of hotels, resorts and other accommodations including Seminyak Villa from luxury until budget hotels. Furthermore, Bali Star Island is a reliable travel company in Bali offering you best hotels rate. In conjunction with this, Seminyak is a village in the north of Kuta with fast growth as a tourist place where a lot of hotels and villas.  Also, other tourist spots such as restaurants, bars, boutique, and shops become the favourite place to stay. Therefore, hotels in the area majority of private villas in comfortable guest rooms and elegant interiors. Meanwhile, lush tropical gardens are well decor in the whole resort area. Mostly, all resort is designed with the balmy of Bali Architecture touch suited for relaxing in Bali Island.

Perfect Location of Resort Hotels

Also, The location of Seminyak is very strategic close to the tourist spots and attractions. Some of Villas and Hotels are built at the golden sand of Seminyak Beach. Hence, the hotel room in this area almost has a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. Moreover, evening time all tourist can enjoy a spectacular sunset in romantic nuance. Therefore, for those who looking for romantic ambience resort, hotels in this area is recommended. Also, at night time the town of Seminyak is turned on by the night atmosphere through bars and restaurants lighting. Hence for those who want to enjoy the nightlife, stay at a hotel and villa in Seminyak is a perfect choice. Therefore, We boast to offer the favourite list of Seminyak Villas and Hotels you can click here Bali Hotels.

List of Hotels and Resorts at Seminyak

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Popular Hotels and Resort Villas at Seminyak, as a result below:

The Legian


five star, 5 starthe legian bali, seminyak hotel, the legian bali seminyak, infinity pool, the legian bali infinity poolFrom IDR

The Legian is Seminyak resort hotels are an exclusive suite hotel is set at the beachfront and tropical gardens. Also, it offers high-quality services from the friendly hotel staff. Furthermore

Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort


five star, 5 starseminyak hotel,anantara seminyak bali resort,anantara seminyak,anantara seminyak main pool,main poolFrom IDR

It is one of luxury Seminyak Hotels set in front of the majestic white sandy beach of Seminyak.  Also, the suite room is a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean and the spectacular sunset. Furthermore

W Retreat and Spa Bali


five star, 5 starw bali seminyak, w retreat and spa bali, seminyak resort, w bali seminyak bar, w bali seminyak woobar, woobarFrom IDR

It is a modern luxury beachfront hotel set amidst the luxury Hotels and villas. Also, the Hotel’s restaurants, bars, and the beach are opened daily. Furthermore

The Seminyak Beach Resort

five star, 5 starseminyak beach resort, seminyak resort, the seminyak bali, infinity pool, swimming pool, the seminyak bali infinity pool, the seminyak bali swimming poolFrom IDR

A Seminyak Resort hotels at Seminyak Village with elegant rooms interior. Furthermore, the resort is surrounded by a lush tropical garden facing the ocean. Furthermore

 The Royal Bali Seminyak


five star, 5 starroyal beach seminyak, royal beach seminyak bali, royal beach seminyak resort, seminyak resort, swimming pool, royal beach seminyak swimming poolFrom IDR

The Royal Bali Seminyak is one of the beautiful beachfront Hotels. The resort provides luxury guest rooms, complete facilities and Furthermore

 Courtyard by Marriot Bali Seminyak Resort


four star, four star level, 4 starcourtyard bali, courtyard seminyak, seminyak hotel, bali hotel, courtyard seminyak swimming pool, swimming poolFrom IDR

The Courtyard Seminyak is a modern stylish hotel with luxury rooms. Therefore, the Courtyard offers world classroom facilities, bar, restaurant and Furthermore

Pelangi Bali Hotel


four star, four star level, 4 starseminyak hotel,pelangi bali hotel,pelangi bali main poolFrom IDR

Pelangi Bali Hotel is one of the beachfront Hotels at Seminyak at a reasonable rate.  Hence, for those looking for a budget hotel at a good location, is a good choice for them. Furthermore

 Ramada Encor Seminyak


four star, four star level, 4 starramada encore, seminyak hotel, bali hotel, ramada encore seminyak, sundeckFrom IDR

Ramada Encore Seminyak is one of another stylish hotel to have a distance to the beach. Hence, all guest who stays at this hotel will be dropped by shuttle bus to the beach.  and Furthermore

 Montigo Resort Seminyak

four star, four star level, 4 starmontigo seminyak,montigo resorts seminyak,montigo seminyak pool,garden poolFrom IDR

This resort is very stylish with the luxury interior of rooms and the hotel itself.  Montigo resort is located at the north of Kuta Bali. Find details information or services, restaurant and Furthermore

Paragon Hotel Seminyak


four star, four star level, 4 starseminyak hotel,paragon hotel seminyak,paragon seminyak,paragon hotel seminyak deluxe roomFrom IDR

Paragon Seminyak is a modern hotel-style in Seminyak.  Thus, comfortable guest rooms, complete facilities, and friendly services are suited for all travellers. Furthermore

Hotel Santika Seminyak


three star, three star rating, 3 star gradehotel santika, bali hotel, seminyak hotel, hotel santika seminyak,romantic dinner, seminyak romantic dinner, santika seminyak romantic dinnerFrom IDR

Hotel Santika at Seminyak is one of the modern and stylish hotels in this area. Thus, all guest rooms are completed with all modern facilities suit for both leisure and business. Furthermore

Sense Sunset Seminyak


three star, three star rating, 3 star gradesense sunset,sense sunset seminyak,sense sunset seminyak main poolFrom IDR

Sense Sunset Seminyak is a stylish and modern hotel at the main sunset road. In contrast, the hotel a little bit far from the beach but has a very comfortable guest room and facilities. Furthermore

Taman Ayu Cottage


three star, three star rating, 3 star gradetaman ayu cottage, taman ayu cottage seminyak, seminyak hotel, seminyak cottage, swimming pool, taman ayu cottage swimming poolFrom IDR

Taman Ayu Cottage is a small beautiful hotel with Balinese architecture in the centre of Seminyak. Unique Balinese style is one of the selling points of the resort.  Furthermore

 Sense Hotel Seminyak


four star, four star level, 4 starsense hotel seminyak, seminyak hotel, bali hotel, sense hotel, swimming pool, sense hotel seminyak swimming poolFrom IDR

It is a four-star hotel set admits the luxury hotels, villas, close to the shopping centre.  Probably, only 10 minutes walk to a beautiful beach or 10 minutes by car.  Furthermore

Popular Villas at Seminyak Town, as a result below:

 Villa Jerami


four star, four star level, 4 starvilla jerami, seminyak villa, bali villa, villa jerami seminyak, villa jerami private poolFrom IDR

Jerami Villa is one of the popular Villas with private pool at Seminyak. Hence, all guest staying at the villas guaranteed to get own privacy. Furthermore

 The Oberoi


five star, 5 starthe oberoi bali, seminyak hotel, the oberoi bali seminyak, beach area, the oberoi bali beach areaFrom IDR

The Oberoi Bali is one of the famous Villas at Seminyak area. The resort has Lanai and Villas room is set up at beautiful tropical gardens.  Furthermore

The Samaya Seminyak


five star, 5 starthe samaya seminyak,the samaya,the samaya main pool,main poolFrom IDR

The Semaya is one of beautiful ocean view Villas at Seminyak Beach. The Villas rooms are designed with elegant interiors and a Balinese ambience.  Furthermore

 Peppers Seminyak


five star, 5 starpeppers seminyak villa,peppers seminyak,peppers seminyak royal pool villa,royal pool villaFrom IDR

Peppers Seminyak is one of the family Villas at the centre of Seminyak. Thus, for travellers who need 4 or 5 bedroom villas will be a perfect place for them. Furthermore

 Bali Dyana Villas

four star, four star level, 4 starbali dyana villas,dyana villas,bali dyana villas accomodation,five bedroom villaFrom IDR

Dyana Villas is one of the reasonable villas at Seminyak area. Located at the heart of tourist spot offering private rooms with own pool. Furthermore

The Ahimsa Seminyak


four star, four star level, 4 starthe ahimsa seminyak,ahimsa seminyak,ahimsa seminyak accomodation,two bedroom villaFrom IDR

The Ahimsa is a stylish villa with private pool and has own quality battler service.  It is one of the elegant private Villas makes all guests can enjoy their holiday. Furthermore

The Wolas Villa


four star, four star level, 4 starthe wolas villa seminyak,wolas villa,wolas villa living roomFrom IDR

The Wolas Villa is a modern and luxury villa in the heart of Seminyak.  Hence, the combination of elegant design rooms and  Balinese ambience is the perfect place for tourist. Furthermore

 Bali Dream Villa


four star, four star level, 4 starthe bali dream villa seminyak,bali dream villa seminyak,bali dream villa,bali dream villa seminyak accomodation,three bedroom private pool villaFrom IDR

Bali Dream Villa is a private villa complex at Seminyak Bali.  Hence, the villas with pool are ideal for relaxation during your vacation in Bali. Furthermore

 Le Jardin Villa


four star, four star level, 4 starle jardin boutique villa,le jardin villa,le jardin villa exterior viewFrom IDR

Le Jardin Villa is one of beautiful private Seminyak Villas with spacious and elegant rooms that ideally for relaxation and honeymoon experience. Furthermore

The Seiryu Villas


four star, four star level, 4 starseiryu villa seminyak, bali villa, seminyak villa, seiryu villa private poolFrom IDR

The Seiryu Villas is one of the luxury Seminyak Villas with elegant interiors, spacious design and complete amenities in the heart of Seminyak. Furthermore

Villa Lumbung Resort


four star, four star level, 4 starhotel vila lumbung seminyak,hotel vila lumbung,hotel vila lumbung exteriorFrom IDR

Villa Lumbung Resort is a beautiful resort with unique traditional Balinese architecture in Seminyak Center and offers luxury accommodations. Furthermore

Villa Air Bali


four star, four star level, 4 starseminyak hotel,villa air,villa air bali,villa air bali garden villaFrom IDR

Villa Air Bali is one of the private villas in Seminyak with elegant interior integrating with beautiful lush tropical garden located in Seminyak Bali. Furthermore

Famous Private Villas at Seminyak, as a result below:

Danoya Villa


four star, four star level, 4 stardanoya villa seminyak,danoya villa,danoya villa accomodation,royal 3 bedroom villaFrom IDR

Danoya Villa is a luxury villa in Batubelig Seminyak providing elegant villa. The building is modern stylish and Furthermore

Villa Seminyak Estate


four star, four star level, 4 starvilla seminyak estate, bali villa, seminyak villa, royal pool villa, villa seminyak royal pool villaFrom IDR

Villa Seminyak is an elegant villa room with lagoon access and high-quality service in Bali. This villa is one of the luxury Seminyak villas with pool. Furthermore

Kanishka Villa


four star, four star level, 4 starkanishka villa, kanishka villa seminyak, bali villa, seminyak villa, kanishka villa two bedroom villaFrom IDR

Kanishka Villa is proud standing among Seminyak Villas providing the spacious and elegant villa with private swimming pool and lush tropical garden. Furthermore

 The Amala Villa


four star, four star level, 4 starseminyak villa, bali villa, amala villa, amala villa seminyak, amala villa private poolFrom IDR

The Amala Villa is set admits the luxury villas in Seminyak with elegant interior and comfortable design. It gives more privacy for every guest who stays in this villa. Furthermore

Villa Kayu Raja


four star, four star level, 4 starvilla kayu raja,kayu raja villa,villa kayu raja facilityFrom IDR

It is a modern villa complex standing other luxury villas in Seminyak with luxury and spacious accommodation as well as the elegant interior. Furthermore

The Kunja Villa


four star, four star level, 4 starthe kunja villas,kunja villas seminyak,kunja villa,kunja villa accomodation,three bedroom villaFrom IDR

The Kunja Villa is one of the luxury villas in Seminyak with luxury guest rooms and integrating with tropical garden and private swimming pool. Furthermore

Other Hotels in Bali, as a result below:

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