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Denpasar City has been the capital of Bali Province from 1960 up to now. Previously it was the capital of the Badung Empire that controlled the south part region of Bali Island. In addition, This city is a place for Bali Governor's office and all offices from private sectors until essential government offices. The kind of offices are telecommunications, post office, bank, airline, and hospital. It is also a center of economic, business, and cultural development. Denpasar's word means in the north of the market. It has been a fast-growing town since the tourism industry grew around 1960. Denpasar has a population of about 561.814 people. Gajah Mada Street is the main road in this town as the shopping center and the edge of this street.<br /> Meanwhile, precisely in the middle of the crossroad had been built a statue called Catur Muka Statue. Catur Muka Statue is a statue owning four faces by observing four directions from north, south, east, and west. This statue was made in 1972, and it was built to commemorate the Badung War on 20 September 1906, well known as Puputan Badung.
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