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Sanur Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach with calm and warm seawater located in the east part of Denpasar Town. This beach, located in the eastside and south part of Sanur Village, is the edge of the Indonesia Ocean. This place has been famous for a long time, especially when the happening of Puputan Badung War on 20 September 1906, when that moment the Dutch colonist landed their army on this coast. There is a stone monument found in this place as an inscription of Sri Kesari Warmadewa King with the palace in Singhadwala year 917, whereabouts now there are in Blanjong, the southern part of Sanur Beach. Nowadays, Sanur has come a long way and has become a world-class resort area. All hotels offer spacious and luxurious rooms in this area.<br /> Meanwhile, international standard hotel facilities make tourists comfortable staying in Sanur. Likewise, we quickly find restaurants, bars, and art shops along the road. Several luxury villas have also been established and provide luxurious services for every guest. We can easily find some out-of-door activities here. Snorkelling, fishing, sea walking, and cycling will make your holiday full of sensation. We can easily find spa facilities once we want to pamper ourselves.
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