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Kuta Lombok is a famous tourist area with white sand beaches like peppercorns and beautiful views of the Indian Ocean. This area is becoming more famous with the existence of the Mandalika Economic Zone, which is located in Kuta Village. It has been developing since the 1970s as a tourist destination by ITDC. Kuta Beach is famous for its white sand, which is different from most beaches in Indonesia. The sand is white like pepper with a long coastline making Kuta an idol for domestic and foreign tourists. Another advantage of the Kuta area is its unique local culture from the Sasak Tribe. The famous unique ceremony is Bau Nyale. Meanwhile, international-class tourism facilities are available in this area. We can easily find various types of hotels ranging from star to non-star. Likewise, tourists can do several activities in this area, including swimming, surfing, tours, and trekking to waterfalls.
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