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Denpasar Bali City Tour (BLHD.03)

Bali, Indonesia
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5-6 Hours

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Daily Tour

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Denpasar Bali City Tour: A Journey into Balinese Urban Life

Denpasar Bali City Tour is a captivating journey to connect with the Balinese lifestyle and unravel the treasures within Denpasar town. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of historical sites and local societal activities, including visits to Bali Traditional Market, Jagatnatha Temple, Bali Museum, and Bajra Sandhi Monument. This enriching tour spans approximately 5 to 6 hours, ensuring a comprehensive exploration with our expert tour guide and a comfortable car transfer.

Unveiling Denpasar: Bali’s Vibrant Capital

Denpasar City, the capital of Bali Province since 1960, holds a rich history as the former capital of the Badung Empire, reigning over the southern region of Bali Island. It is a focal point for governmental, economic, and cultural affairs. As you traverse the city, witness the dynamic blend of offices, from telecommunications to post offices, banks, airlines, and hospitals. Denpasar is the epicentre of Bali’s economic and business development, offering a glimpse into the island’s cultural heritage through appointed tourist destinations.

About Denpasar Bali City Tour

Our meticulously designed Denpasar Bali City Tour invites you to explore the very heart of Bali’s provincial capital. The journey begins with a hotel pick-up, leading you to the bustling Badung Market, where traditional market activities come to life. Continue your exploration with visits to Jagatnatha Temple and the Bali Museum, delving into the historical heritage of the Balinese people. Should the museum be closed during the tour, a diversion to the Bali Art Center provides a glimpse into Balinese arts and culture. Concluding this enriching half-day tour, we visit Bajra Sandhi, a monument commemorating Balinese struggles against colonialism. Bid farewell to this historical haven as we return you to your hotel, marking the end of this immersive journey.


  • 07:30 - Pick up at the hotel
  • 08.30 - Visit Denpasar Traditional Market
  • 09.00 - Visit Jagatnata Temple
  • 09.30 - Visit Museum/Art Center
  • 10.30 - Visit Bajra Shandi Monument
  • 12.00 - Back to the hotel
  • 12.30 - Arrive at the hotel


Kumbasari Traditional Markey
Kumbasari Traditional Markey

At the Kumbasari traditional market, you will see how the transaction works between the buyers and the vendors with multifarious goods according to their daily needs like kitchen equipment, Hindus ritual equipment, fruits and traditional clothes. Here, you will also see the unique things especially when Balinese women carry the groceries on their heads with a big basket which is extremely heavy. This market is one of the historical sites in Denpasar because the king of Puri Denpasar in that time uses this market as a place to gather the people around Denpasar and give information to them.

Public Hindu Temple "Jagatnata"
Public Hindu Temple "Jagatnata"

Public Hindu temple the Jagatnata is the biggest Hindu temple in Denpasar town which visited by Hindus on a certain day like the full moon and eclipse moon. From the entrance gate until inside of the temple area, you will see the Balinese ornament full of meaning. Furthermore, you will find the main temple with a high storey in the central area encircled by a fish pond and frangipani trees. Even though this temple is located close to the road, the atmosphere is still peaceful.

Bali Museum
Bali Museum

When you're going to Denpasar don't forget to visit the Bali Museum. It is just next door to Jaganata Temple. Here, you will find ancient monuments of prehistory with significant historical value that makes it a special place to visit. In addition, this place is usually used by a wedding couple to make pre-wedding photoshoots. Nevertheless, we will offer you to visit the Bali Art Center in case the Bali Museum is closed.


Bajra Sandhi Monument is an icon standing in the heart of Denpasar town. This monument is your last place to go on this trip and is a symbol of Balinese struggles to get independence during the Dutch Colonial era. The purpose to build Bajra Sandhi is to monumentalize the soul and spirit of Balinese, observe the history, and preserve the culture to the next generation. Moreover, you will find a museum inside of the monument and this monument surrounded by trees


  • 21% government tax and service charge
  • Entrance fees at all tourist destinations
  • English Speaking guide
  • One bottle of mineral water during the tour
  • Own expenses
  • Tipping
  • Insurance (please prepare your own travel insurance)

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Bali, Indonesia
from ₹2,544.00

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