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Tanah Lot Tour: Discover Bali’s Spectacular Sunset Wonders (BLHD.06)

Bali, Indonesia
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6 hours

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Discover Bali’s Tranquil Sunset Marvels at Tanah Lot Tour

The Tanah Lot Tour is a captivating journey to explore the beauty of Bali and discover a temple on a rock with seawater surrounding it. This half-day tour will invite you to explore western Bali and visit famous tourist attractions. This tour is very friendly for all ages and is open daily. Likewise, we serve this tour in the afternoon. However, morning-time requests are also welcome without watching the sunset. In general, this tour is done in the afternoon to witness the natural wonder of Tanah Lot with its spectacular sunset.

The beauty of Tanah Lot exudes a fantastic place with a temple in the middle of the sea and a romantic sunset as the backdrop. This is the time not to miss the opportunity to enjoy the enchanting natural beauty of Bali.

The Magic of Tanah Lot with Spectacular Sunsets

Tanah Lot is a renowned Bali tourist attraction with breathtaking vistas and a spectacular sunset. Perched on a dramatic offshore rock, the iconic sea temple offers a captivating backdrop against the Indian Ocean. As the sun dips below the horizon, witness the magical transformation of the landscape. Tanah Lot’s cultural significance and natural beauty create a mesmerizing fusion. It invites visitors to revel in the awe-inspiring views and capture unforgettable moments of Bali’s coastal charm against the canvas of a radiant sunset.

About Tanah Lot Tour

Embark on a captivating exploration of Bali’s natural beauty with our meticulously curated Tanah Lot Tour. Your journey begins as our expert guide picks you up from your hotel, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience. We start at the Sangeh Monkey Forest, a wildlife sanctuary featuring long-tailed monkeys and a charming Hindu temple. Next, we visit the Taman Ayun Temple, a Royal Mengwi Temple set amidst expansive plantation grounds, boasting Balinese-style architecture and a serene fish pond.

Continuing our adventure, we head to the iconic Tanah Lot. Here, you will discover a Hindu temple perched on a colossal rock with seawater surrounding it. This symbolizes the essence of this renowned tourist attraction. As the day transitions into the evening, relish the captivating sunset against the backdrop of a serene beachside ambience. This awe-inspiring tour is preferred for those seeking to create lasting memories in Bali. Finally, we return you to your hotel, ensuring the culmination of this experience leaves you with cherished moments that linger in your memory.


  • 13:00 Pick-up at the hotel
  • 14:30 Visit Sangeh Monkey Forest
  • 16:00 Visit Taman Ayun Temple
  • 17:30 Visit Tanah Lot Temple
  • 18.10 Enjoy the sunset at Tanah Lot
  • 18.30 Back to hotel
  • 19:30 Arrive at the hotel


Sangeh Monkey Forest
Sangeh Monkey Forest

Embark on a playful adventure at Sangeh Monkey Forest, a hidden gem in Bali. Home to hundreds of mischievous long-tailed macaques, this lush sanctuary offers a unique wildlife encounter. Stroll through towering nutmeg trees and marvel at ancient temple ruins, where monkeys roam freely. Witness their entertaining antics and interactions in this peaceful, natural setting. Sangeh Monkey Forest provides a tranquil escape for nature enthusiasts, blending cultural elements with the joy of observing these spirited creatures in their natural habitat. Immerse yourself in the charm of Sangeh, where Bali's wildlife and spirituality converge.

Taman Ayun Temple
Taman Ayun Temple

This temple is a temple that is used as an altar by Hindus. It primarily exists on Bali Island, one of the heritage sites of the Mengwi Empire. The temple buildings have high philosophy, stories, and religious values. Inside this temple area, a small fishpond encircles the main temple building. Other buildings in this temple area reflect the empire's power with each function. Taman Ayun Temple is also called Mengwi Royal Temple because of the story, and it is a famous place to visit on this half-day tour.

Tanah Lot Temple
Tanah Lot Temple

This is one of the Balinese Hindu temples on the rock, and the seawater encircles it when the tide is high. It looks like it is adrift in the ocean, as well as having a magnificent view of the sunset in the late afternoon. Furthermore, there are several points to see this temple with its amazing views. At this temple, we can find other Hindu temples like that, which makes it a holy place in Bali. Moreover, we can find the sacred snakes dwelling in the cave in front of Tanah Lot Temple with a small donation to see them directly. Therefore, our Tanah Lot Tours is also known as a trip to visit the temple on the rock.


  • 21% government tax and service charge
  • Entrance fees at all tourist destinations
  • English Speaking guide
  • Private full air-conditioning car
  • One bottle of mineral water during the tour
  • Personal Expenses
  • Tipping for Guide and Driver
  • Other expenses outside tour inclusion

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Bali, Indonesia
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