Bali Star Island Staff
PT. Bewish International Tour

Staff Bali Star Island
Address: Jln. Poh Gading Timur no 10 A, Banjar Perarudan,
Kelurahan Jimbaran, Kecamatan Kuta Selatan,
Kabupaten Badung, Bali – Indonesia
Telp no: +62-361- 8953599 | Fax no: +62-361- 8953598
E-mail : [email protected]  | Web :

License No. 551.21/1419/I/Disparda
ASITA MEMBER : 0453/ XVII / DPP / 2011

Staff of Bali Star Island / PT Bewish International Tour is founded by a young businessman who is strongly dedicated to the tourism industry. We have fully experienced to develop the company to be one of the best travel agencies in Indonesia. All of our staff are strongly dedicated to their duties to firm the best quality services for every requirement. They are all professional and experienced with sufficient knowledge of the tourism industry. We are proud of them to keep the sustainability of this high-quality service. Meanwhile, our Human Resources Department is continuously upgrading their skills and experiences to respond the global competitions. Thus, if you are interested to have special travel arrangements, please contact us.

Bali Star Island Staff

nyoman sukarba, sukarba, general manager, bali star, bali star island


Team Leader, he is a pilot in moving all activities conducted by Bali Star Island / PT. Bewish International Tour and controls it so that all running properly. Furthermore, if you need more information about the trip to Bali and another island in Indonesia, please contact us.

ketut suparta, suparta, ketut, bali star, bali star island

Event Director
 yeti astuti, accounting,
putu, putu suadnyani, business development, bali star, bali star island

Business Development Manager
 made giriyanto,
komank, komank arya, bali star, bali star island

Other Staff

bali star island staff management, tour guide, bali star island team

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