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Yogyakarta Java Island Map Presenting the Region Position in Indonesia Archipelagos

Yogyakarta Java Island Map is one of Yogyakarta Tourism Maps presenting the geographical position of this city in Indonesia archipelagos. Jogja or Yogyakarta is one of the strategic province in Indonesia after Jakarta with a long history since the kingdom era. It is a centre of educations as well as cultures in Indonesia positioning in the centre of Java Island. It is famous with the unique culture and the historical omission that is one of the cultural inheritance. The miracle of Borobudur temple is just near from Yogyakarta City. Meanwhile, the Prambanan Temple is famous with the biggest Hindu temple in Java just a step from the city. In addition, we provide a map of Yogyakarta residing in Java Island through these sites. You may also discover other Yogyakarta Tourism Maps for your travel guides to visit this area or joining our Yogyakarta Tours.

Yogyakarta Java Island Map

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