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Yogyakarta Place of Interest Provides Borobudur Tourist Destinations and other at Downtown

Yogyakarta Place of Interest provides popular of Borobudur tourist destinations spread out at city and surrounding area. This list is helping the visitors who visit Yogyakarta or join Yogyakarta Tours to easily navigate the proper places to visit. It is very importable to avoid spoil vacation in this famous city.

Borobudur Temple

Yogyakarta is a center of education as well as culture in Indonesia. Yogyakarta Tourism has well developed by taking the heritage and historical sites as the tourist objects that visitors must visit it. This region has long story since 16th century and become civilization cultures of local people including the Indonesia country since ever. Therefore, all visitors are recommended to review these places of interest and appointing the proper place to visit. Bali Star Island is proud to provide the comprehensive information on each place including the map to guide and other places.

Tourist Destinations and Places to Visit at Yogyakarta:

Yogyakarta City

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Yogyakarta is a culture and capital city of Yogyakarta province located in the central of Java Island – Indonesia. The local people call this city as Jogja or Jogjakarta that as a center of education and culture. Furthermore, classic Javanese fine and cultures such as Batik, ballet, drama, poetry and puppet show. This city has been a capital city of Indonesia during 1945 – 1949. See detail here furthermore.

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist temple situated in central Java Indonesia. It is one of the most famous Yogyakarta Places of Interest since ever. The monument consists of nine stacked platforms, six square and three circular, and central dome on top. There are 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues are decorating this temple. See detail here furthermore.

Prambanan Temple

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Prambanan Temple is the biggest Hindu temple in Java Island built in 9th century, situated in central Java – Indonesia. This temple is also known by Candi Rara Jonggrang since it is related to the local legend, where Princess Rara Jonggrang asked Bondowoso to build a thousand temples in one night. Hence, this temple become one of Yogyakarta place of interest.

Sultan Palace

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Sultan Palace is a traditional palace of Yogyakarta’s King and become the most popular Yogyakarta Places of Interest. It is situated in the center of Yogyakarta as well as easy to access from any directions. This Sultan’s palace is also well known as Kraton Kasultanan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. It is the center of Javanese culture living museum especially for Yogyakarta region.

Taman Sari Water Castle

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Taman Sari Yogyakarta also known as Taman Sari Water Castle, is a beautiful water park. Formerly a royal garden of Yogyakarta sultanate. It is also one of the Yogyakarta Place Interest. Location are in the center of Yogyakarta or just a step from Sultan Palace, built in the middle of 18th century. Furthermore, this area has multiple functions such as for resting, workshop, meditation, defense as well as a hiding place.

Pawon Temple

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Pawon Temple is a small Buddhist Temple and known locally as Candi Pawon) situated in central Java, Indonesia. It is a beautiful temple in line with Borobudur Temple as well as Mendut Temple. It’s location is between two other Buddhist temples, Borobudur (1.75 km to the northeast) and Mendut (1.15 km to the southwest). This temple also one of the Yogyakarta place of interest.

Mendut Temple

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Mendut Temple is a ninth-century Buddhist temple located in Mendut village, Mungkid sub-district, Magelang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. It is a beautiful temple just three kilometers, east side from Borobudur since ever. This temple also one of the Yogyakarta place of interest, Mendut, Borobudur and Pawon Temple are all Buddhist temples in one straight line as the tourist objects to visit when traveling to Yogyakarta.


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Kotagede or also Kota Gede is a small town in southern east part of Yogyakarta famous with Yogyakarta silversmiths. This area also one of the Yogyakarta place of interest. This town is often called Sargede just five kilometers from Yogyakarta. Furthermore, it is a neat little town containing the remains of the first capital of Mataram Sultanate, established in 16th century.

Fort Vredeburg Museum

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Fort Vredeburg Museum is one of the popular Yogyakarta Places of Interest. Furthermore, it is a historic museum that was a former colonial fortress located in Yogyakarta.Officially Indonesian nameis Museum Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta. Furthermore, This museum is collecting old photographs, historical objects as well as replicas. We can also see a diorama portraying Indonesia’s journey.

Kaliadem Merapi Volcano

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Kaliadem is a plateau area with 25 hectare pine forest situated on 1100 meter above sea level. It’s location right on the slope of Merapi Mount, the most active volcanoes in the Indonesia. It is a name of traditional village as a favorite destination since ever. Despite, it has gotten strong damages because of last disaster of eruption that make the region devastated by the volcanic dust.

Dieng Plateau

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Dieng Plateau is a marshy plateau in form the floor of caldera complex on the Dieng volcanic complex. It is situated in Wonosobo regency, Central Java. Furthermore, this site sit on 2000 meters above sea level with cool temperatures surround it. Meanwhile, this place also owns the heritage site from Kalingga Kingdom era with several beautiful Hindu temples stand on this area.

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