Bali Mountain Trekking

Bali Mountain Trekking

Bali Mountain Trekking Offers Fantastic Bali Volcano Sunrise Trekking Trails

Bali Mountain Trekking is an exciting climbing activity is popularly named as Volcano sunrise trekking. This is a great new option on how to explore pure nature at the famous mountain in Bali. Furthermore, we will invite you to explore the volcano and enjoy the amazing panorama from the top of the mountain. And even, the appearance of the sun at sunrise is the most beautiful moment you can enjoy this adventure. So, this is truly an exciting and challenging adventure. So, this is perfect for those of you who like adventure and blend with nature.

How is the trek route?

Bali Mountain Trekking is an adventure that will provide wonderful memories on your vacation in Bali. Also, you can choose from 2 locations that are famous and excellent for tourists. Where the hiking trails from Mount Batur is passing the coral rock and close to peak the route quite steps. Meanwhile, Gunung Agung is passing the forest at the beginning then cross the coral up to the peak. There are 2 among other mountains which are climbing trails that are in great demand by tourists.

Best Choice of Trekking Adventure in Bali

Bali Mountain Trekking Adventure becomes popular among tourists who visit Bali Island. It is because Bali Island is situated in the ring of fire hence, the island is well featured by several active volcanoes. Nevertheless, those are safe for climbing activities. Therefore, we are pleased to offer two options of best mountain trekking trails included Batur Volcano and Agung Mount. Thus, mountain trekking trails are very popular for those who love hiking and mountain trekking. Wanna the soft or hard mountain trekking? Both are on your choice. Soft trekking would be at Mount Batur and hard ones would be at Mount Agung. For those who are love to do trekking start from mount Batur then continued to explore the highest mountain in Bali.


Start From
IDR 1,485,000
per person

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Batur Volcano Sunrise Trekking

Batur Volcano Sunrise Trekking is the most famous mountain climbing adventure in Bali. You will climb the most active volcano on the island. Also, you will see beautiful panoramic views with the lake and surrounding green hills. You can also see the sunrise at the east end of the planet and feel the romantic atmosphere around it. Meanwhile, cold air envelops our bodies and will be erased with hot tea at the top of the mountain. On the other hand, your adventure will always be accompanied by an experienced trekking guide and will guide you well. Do you want to soak your body at spring water after trekking? Here is the place. Pampered yourself at natural Bali hot spring near Batur lake could refresh your body and soul.


IDR 1,957,000
per person

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Mount Agung Sunrise Trekking

Mount Agung Sunrise Trekking is an exciting and challenging mountain climbing adventure in Bali. Furthermore, we will climb the highest mountain on the Island of the Gods while enjoying the amazing scenery. Also, you can see the beauty of the island of Bali and its surroundings from the top of this mountain. Meanwhile, we can also see the sunrise at the eastern end of the planet and provide an amazing view. So, this is truly a very impressive adventure and presents a challenge for those of us who like adventure. Meanwhile, your adventure climbing Mount Agung will take 5 hours to reach the top. Therefore, you will depart from early morning to be able to see the sunrise. Your trip will always be guided by an experienced trekking guide. So, your trip will be efficient and safe.

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