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Seaside bar and restaurant is suit for dinner party – part 1

We know that Kayumanis seaside restaurant is nice place for incentive dinner party in Bali. What the advantages of this place? Surely, we have some reason why introduce such this resto to clients. The restaurant has huge beach deck and comfort dinning room for group party. The location is right on the beach facing to the ocean, thus participants may enjoy nice view. The food in five star level where the chef cook for luxury villas in Bali that are Kayumanis group. They serve vary delicacy cuisine such Indonesian, authentic Balinese food and western food as well. Moreover They are very concern on vegetarian and vegan food for those who are in that way. Do you plan to hold an incentive group to Bali ? It’s my pleasure to arrange your incentive dinner party in Bali.

What the capacity on Kayumanis seaside restaurant

incentive dinner party in bali

This restaurant is new establish and was opened midst of June 2018. Wooden deck accommodate up to 120 persons, meanwhile inside space accommodate up to 40 persons. Half space on wood deck covered by tent, meanwhile old tree shadowed the area. How does table set up would be on dinner party? It’s free arrangement depend on request and the number of participants is attending. Casual dinner theme party a free seat is good to get more space to talk to each other. Does all seat gets ocean view? Yes, wood deck and terrace is higher than sandy beach, hence everyone will enjoy ocean view. Does the restaurant will open for public during our party? Ensure, for group more than 80 persons outside guest is locked, thus whole space would be yours.

Some people prefer in dining room at Kayumanis seaside restaurant

kayumanis seaside restaurant

The elegance design with chic color furniture will make your dinner more comfy even though sit in long hours. Well control room temperature wouldn’t distinguish your appearance. Is sitting at the terrace would be convenience? Yes, for those who wants to get both feeling between sea breeze and air conditioned this table is suit for them. Furthermore sit at the terrace facing to the ocean will refresh your mind whilst enjoy the dinner. Prefer to sit at open air wooden deck or at classy dining table ? For sure wherever you choose all would be in order. The other option is using inside space to display the food meanwhile all table allocated at wooden deck. Thus guest gets more free space in order to take out meals from buffet line.

Specialty on your incentive dinner party in Bali

incentive dinner party in bali

Chef will cook specifically if there is a dinner party event. They put more concern in food quality, presentation performance and the taste should be on International standard. Do you prefer non spicy food? Absolutely the chef adjust spicy level to be in your taste. For those who are love hot spicy food, additional Balinese fresh chili sauce would be on table. How does the food for vegetarian and vegan people? It isn’t a complicated matter. As long as you mention total person who prefer to get vegetarian food the chef will arrange special food for them. Furthermore you may select the combination of western and Indonesian menu or stick to get one selection only. Either buffet style you may order set menu option for your group. Is the food concept is good idea for your incentive dinner party in Bali, isn’t it?

Enjoy the food and cocktail during your incentive dinner party in Bali

incentive dinner in bali

Kayumanis seaside restaurant has own bar served alcohol and non alcohol drinks. Various of cocktail, wine, beer and liquor is available. How to control the bill since large numbers will order different drinks. For this case, They offer drink packages which is could be choose in short or long hours package. Drink package could be pure in non alcohol or you may mix it with alcohol on your preferable. For those who are prefer to make voucher drink is also possible. Through voucher you can calculate how many person will drink alcohol, hence you can save the budget. Can the guest bring own liquor? Absolutely yes. Please to ensure that additional corkage fee would be charged. I think this place is ideal to hold gathering party, how do you think ?

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