Seminyak Overview

Seminyak is another tourist area after Kuta, just a step north of Kuta Beach. This place is a mix of tourist residences between European, Australian, and Asian tourists. Seminyak has developed rapidly by providing world-class tourism facilities. Many restaurants offer good food, both local and international restaurants. Likewise, cafes and beach clubs for hangouts with views of the Indian Ocean are the main attraction for tourists to come. Also, we find many world-class hotels with luxurious rooms in this area. This area is what you want for those who want to live in a luxurious private villa. We can find many luxury villas with private pools in this area.<br /> Meanwhile, Seminyak Beach is so exotic with a stretch of white sand along Kuta to Seminyak. The view of the Indian Ocean with a spectacular sunset is the main reason tourists come to this place. On the other hand, we can find many boutique shops along the street that offer antiques, fashions, and beautiful souvenirs that you can take home. So, this is a stop shopping place for tourists. Every guest will feel comfortable with many things offered in this place.
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