Flores Overview

Flores is an island in the eastern Indonesian archipelago with beautiful nature and unique local culture. The word Flores comes from Portuguese, which means flower. It comes with several islands, including Timor, Sumba, and Alor Islands, which are the four major islands in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. This area has developed rapidly and is blessed with beautiful nature. This island is the gateway to tourism in eastern Indonesia, including the Komodo National Park. Each island has extraordinary tourist attractions to visit. Therefore, many foreign and domestic tourists have explored this area.<br /> Meanwhile, Flores offers many exciting tourist attractions to visit. Mount Kelimutu, with its three-colored crater, is a wonder of the world that you need to see. Traditional villages such as Bajawa, Bena, and Aimere offer local people life and unique culture. Also, Wae Rebo village is a remote village with spectacular scenery. So, exploring Flores is an extraordinary and memorable adventure. And, it will keep you coming back.
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Flores Map