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East Java Overview

East Java is the easternmost province of the island of Java, with the capital city of Surabaya. Its area is 47,803.49 kmĀ² and has the most expansive area among six regions on the island of Java. And also, this province has the second largest population in Indonesia after West Java. The tourism potential of East Java is active volcanoes such as Bromo and Ijen. In addition, the city of Surabaya itself is also the economic centre of this province. Many luxury hotels in this city make it easy for tourists to choose. Currently, Banyuwangi Regency has made many changes. Banyuwangi has become a tourism icon for this province.<br /> Meanwhile, the tourism potential of East Java is its unique dances, such as Reog Ponorogo. This dance is often performed at world-class events because of its uniqueness. Meanwhile, tourist destinations such as Mount Bromo are very famous globally. Even this area has developed a lot, and it is easy to find hotels in this place. Likewise with Mount Ijen. An active volcano with a global blue fire. There are only two places to find natural blue fire in the world. One of the blue fires is at the Ijen Crater. It is a rare natural phenomenon, and many tourists seek this place to see it first-hand.
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