West Papua

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West Papua is one of the largest islands in the Indonesian archipelago. This easternmost island in Indonesia offers beautiful nature. Likewise, local people from various Papuan tribes spread out in several areas. They have a unique culture with fascinating local ritual traditions. Papuans live in multiple villages with beautiful nature surrounding them. Geographically, West Papua consists of mountains, valleys, and beaches. Many local people from local tribes live in secluded areas in forests or valleys.<br /> Meanwhile, the local culture and their unique way of life attract tourists to come. The Indonesian government has built many public facilities on this big island. Flights by small planes are the main transportation from one city to another.<br /> Meanwhile, we can use standard vehicles to explore the villages in the interior of the lush forest. Trekking activities to explore the forest and the wild to find remote tribes is an extraordinary sensation. We will discover spectacular valley views, unique Papuan tribal culture, and incredible tropical forests.
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