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Balinese Costume Photo Tour | Bali Dress Photo Shoot (BLHD.11)

Bali, Indonesia
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4 Hours

Tour Type

Daily Tour

Group Size

100 people




Unveil the Beauty: Balinese Costume Photo Tour and Bali Dress Photo Shoot

The Balinese Costume Photo Tour is a unique Bali tour that allows you to dress in traditional Balinese costumes. You can also immortalize it through photography. This exclusive experience is designed for those looking for a memorable cultural exchange while on vacation in Bali. Wearing traditional Balinese clothing with a strong gold theme and regal tones will make you seem stunning and graceful. Choose from various traditional Balinese outfits in our studio, and let our skilled makeup artists transform you into a Balinese king or princess.

Tour Highlights

  1. Traditional Attire Selection: Pick from traditional Balinese clothes in our studio, each worn during religious ceremonies or special events.
  2. Professional Makeup Service: Our experienced makeup artists will carefully dress you to capture the essence of a Balinese king or princess.
  3. Photo Sessions: Pose against beautiful Balinese backdrops, including specific decoration stages and serene garden settings.

About Balinese Costume Photo Tour

This meticulously designed Balinese costume photo tour begins at our studio, where you’ll undergo makeup and dress fitting. The photo sessions unfold against stunning Balinese backgrounds, each carefully chosen to enhance the beauty of your traditional attire. Your journey concludes as our studio staff escorts you back to your hotel. This short and delightful experience promises to add vibrant colours to your holiday narrative, capturing the charm and grace of Bali.

Ready to unveil the beauty of Bali? Book your Balinese costume photo tour for a cultural exchange through the lens and create lasting memories of your Balinese getaway!


  • Pick up at the hotel lobby
  • Transfer to the photo studio
  • Makeup as well as dressing
  • Photo taking session
  • Change clothes and makeup
  • Back to hotel
  • Arrive at the hotel



  • 21% Government tax and service charge
  • Balinese Costume Photo Tour Experience
  • Round trip hotel transfer
  • Bali traditional dresses and makeup Service
  • 1 set of Balinese Costume Rental
  • 1 pcs of 5 R size colour photos including CD
  • Own expenses
  • Insurance
  • Meals

Tour's Location

Bali, Indonesia
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