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Bedugul Lake Temple Tour (BLFD.01)

Bedugul, Candikuning, Regency, Bali, Indonesia
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8 - 9 Hours

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Daily Tour

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100 people




Immerse in Tranquility: Bedugul Lake Temple Tour Unveiled

The Bedugul Lake Temple Tour is an enthralling journey through Bali’s tranquil landscapes to discover a floating masterpiece of a Hindu temple on the lake. We have carefully curated this tour package to take you to the enthralling tourist attractions, offering a perfect blend of nature and culture. This 8–9-hour full-day excursion promises unforgettable memories as you explore the wonders of northern Bali.

Experience Bali’s Natural Splendor at the Bali Botanical Garden

Bask in the allure of Bali’s northern wonders with our Bedugul Lake Temple Tour. A picturesque floating temple awaits, with the breathtaking beauty of Beratan Lake and the iconic Ulun Danu Temple. Immerse yourself in tranquillity as you explore the Bali Botanical Garden, known as Kebun Raya Eka Karya. This expansive tropical garden in Bedugul boasts over 1187 plant varieties and a diverse range of flora. Wander through the orchid garden, home to 320 orchid types, and marvel at the collection of roses in hues ranging from rust to vibrant green.

We have meticulously crafted our Bedugul Tour itinerary, ensuring your comfort and enjoyment throughout the journey. A friendly guide accompanies you, providing insights and making this tour one of Bali’s finest. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the natural splendour of Bali with this unforgettable tour experience.


  • 09:00 - Pick-up at the hotel
  • 11.15 - Visit Taman Ayun Temple
  • 12.00 - Lunch at a local restaurant
  • 13.30 - Visit the botanical garden and fruits market
  • 14.00 - Visit the Bali temple on a lake at Bedugul
  • 15.00 - Back to the hotel
  • 17.00 - Arrive at the hotel


Beratan Lake
Beratan Lake

Discover the serenity of Beratan Lake, a picturesque highland lake nestled in the heart of Bali. With its crystal-clear waters surrounded by lush mountains, the lake offers a tranquil escape. Explore the iconic Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, gracefully situated on the water's edge, adding a touch of cultural and spiritual charm to the landscape. Beratan Lake is a visual delight and a place to engage in water activities or simply unwind in the embrace of nature. Immerse yourself in the peaceful ambience and breathtaking views that make Beratan Lake a must-visit destination in Bali.

Ulundanu Temple - Bali Temple Lake
Ulundanu Temple - Bali Temple Lake

Experience the ethereal beauty of Ulun Danu Temple, the iconic Balinese sanctuary gracefully positioned on Lake Bratan. This revered water temple is a testament to Bali's spiritual and architectural heritage. Marvel at the intricacies of its multi-tiered shrines and serene courtyards reflecting in the clear lake waters. Ulun Danu Temple, dedicated to the goddess of the lake, symbolises harmony between nature and culture. Whether admiring its timeless beauty or participating in traditional ceremonies, the sacred allure of this famous Bali temple on Lake Bratan will enchant visitors.

Fruit and Vegetable Traditional Market
Fruit and Vegetable Traditional Market

Explore the vibrant Bedugul Fruits and Vegetable Market, a bustling haven for fresh produce in the heart of Bali. Nestled in the scenic highlands of Bedugul, this market showcases a colourful array of locally grown fruits, vegetables, and exotic flowers. Engage with friendly local vendors, savour the aromas of tropical delights, and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere. The market offers a sensory journey through Bali's agricultural abundance, from crisp vegetables to succulent fruits. Bedugul Fruits and Vegetable Market is a must-visit for those seeking an authentic taste of the island's culinary and agricultural richness.

Taman Ayun Temple
Taman Ayun Temple

Enter the regal realm of Taman Ayun Temple, a magnificent Mengwi Royal Temple in Bali. This cultural gem dates back to the 17th century and reflects classical Balinese architecture and meticulous landscaping. Marvel at the towering tiers, serene courtyards, and lotus-filled moats encapsulating the essence of ancient Hindu-Balinese rituals. As a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, Taman Ayun Temple is a testament to Bali's royal legacy. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambience, where the beauty of the temple's surroundings harmonizes with its historical significance, offering visitors a captivating glimpse into Bali's majestic past.


  • 21% government tax and service charge
  • Entrance fees at all tourist destinations
  • 1 x lunch at a local restaurant
  • One bottle of mineral water during the tour
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks during lunch except for mineral water
  • Other expenses outside of tour inclusion
  • Insurance (Please prepare your own travel insurance)

Tour's Location

Bedugul, Candikuning, Regency, Bali, Indonesia


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