Batuan Temple: Unveiling the Mystique of Bali’s Timeless Spiritual Haven

Batuan Temple is a sacred haven for local worshippers dedicated to the divine. Evolving from a local village temple into one of Bali’s renowned places of interest, this hidden gem attracts numerous visitors seeking a glimpse into the island’s spiritual legacy. Strategically positioned alongside the main route from Denpasar City to Ubud, Batuan Temple is easily accessible and is located just 25 minutes south of Ubud Village.

Embracing the essence of Balinese architecture, Pura Desa, as Batuan Temple is locally known, captivates with its intricate design and is adorned with antique Balinese ornaments that grace the entire temple complex, including the ornate entrance gate. As an integral part of the Tri Khayangan, the trio of major temples in the village, Batuan Temple, unfolds in three distinct areas. It includes Nista Mandala (outside area), Madya Mandala (middle area), and Utama Mandala (main temple area). Beyond its architectural allure, Batuan Temple weaves a spiritual tapestry, inviting locals and visitors to connect with Bali’s profound cultural and religious heritage.

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Batuan Temple

Address Jl. Raya Batuan, Batuan Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80582
Managed by Customary Batuan Village
  • Ornate Architecture
  • Sacred Courtyards
  • Ancient Statues
  • Spiritual Atmosphere


General Information

Batuan Temple, locally known as Pura Desa Adat Batuan, is a testament to Bali’s spiritual richness. Located in the village of Batuan, it captivates visitors with its intricate stone carvings, traditional Balinese architecture, and serene surroundings.


Since the 11th century, Batuan Temple has witnessed the ebb and flow of Bali’s cultural evolution. A beacon of Hindu worship, its historical tapestry unfolds through centuries, reflecting the island’s resilience and devotion.

The Highlights:

  • Ornate Architecture: Marvel at the detailed stone carvings, vibrant paintings, and traditional Balinese architecture that adorn the temple.
  • Sacred Courtyards: Explore the temple’s serene courtyards, each holding unique spiritual significance.
  • Ancient Statues: Admire ancient statues that tell tales of deities, mythologies, and the cultural nuances of Bali.
  • Spiritual Atmosphere: Feel the spiritual ambience as you walk through the temple, witnessing rituals and ceremonies.

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