Kerta Gosa: Bali’s Royal Court of Justice, History, and Elegance

Kerta Gosa is a distinguished heritage site nestled in the heart of Klungkung town in the eastern part of the island. This historical site is one of Bali’s renowned tourist destinations, drawing visitors from around the world daily. The name “Kerta Gosa” has roots in Sanskrit, where “Kerta” signifies peaceful, and “Gosa” stems from the word “Gosita,” meaning announcement. Consequently, Kerta Gosa translates to a Jurisdiction Bale. It has historically served as a space for the king to announce legislation, jurisdiction, and penalization.

The uniqueness of the Kerta Gosa building lies in its intricate design and high artistic value. It makes it a captivating stop during your exploration of Bali. Whether you’re on the Bali Royal Heritage Tour, Karangasem Tour Expedition, or Besakih Temple Tour, Kerta Gosa promises a unique and enriching experience. Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Bali as you visit this heritage site, offering a glimpse into the island’s history and architectural splendour.

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Kerta Gosa

Address Jl. Kenanga No.11, Semarapura Kelod, Klungkung District, Klungkung Regency, Bali 80761
Phone +62-366-21054
Managed by Klungkung Tourism Department
  • Bale Kerta Gosa
  • Bale Kambang
  • Historical Significance
  • Sumarajaya Museum
  • Heritage Site
  • Lush Tropical Garden
  • Photography Opportunity
  • Reflection on Human Karma


General Information

Kerta Gosa, nestled in the heart of Klungkung, is a cultural gem that reflects the historical and architectural prowess of Bali. The complex consists of two main structures: the Bale Kerta Gosa, an intricately decorated pavilion, and the Bale Kambang, surrounded by a scenic lotus pond. This destination is not merely a physical site but a living testament to the island’s legal and artistic traditions. It is a must-visit for those seeking to unravel the layers of Bali’s historical tapestry.


Kerta Gosa, situated in the centre of Klungkung town in eastern Bali, holds a rich history dating back to the 18th century. This complex is composed of the Bale Kerta Gosa and the Bale Kambang. It was initiated during the reign of Dewa Agung Gusti Sideman in 1686. However, it was completed under Dewa Agung Jambe’s rule in 1710 and was initially designed as a hall of justice and a venue for crucial meetings in the Klungkung Kingdom. Kerta Gosa served as the highest court in Bali, overseeing and resolving disputes, particularly those tied to the caste system.

Wayang Kulit Artwork and the Puputan Klungkung Tragedy

The intricate “Wayang Kulit” or puppet paintings, that adorn the ceilings of Bale Kerta Gosa, were added in the 1930s by Prince Gusti Bagus Jelantik. These artworks depict scenes from Hindu epics, offering a visual narrative that complemented the legal discussions in the hall. Notably, Kerta Gosa is connected to a tragedy in Balinese history called the ‘Puputan Klungkung.’

1908, during this event, the royal family and court members chose defiance over surrender to Dutch colonial rulers led by Major Van der Leeden, who engaged in mass self-sacrifice. This poignant act further solidified Kerta Gosa’s place in Bali’s cultural and historical legacy. Today, the site is a testament to Bali’s legal heritage and a reminder of the profound events that unfolded within its walls.

Bali’s Mythic Art: Kamasan Painting

The Kamasan style wayang painting at Kerta Gosa is an artwork that beautifully encapsulates the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Bali. In the distinctive Kamasan style, this painting presents a visual narrative inspired by ancient stories, Hindu epics, and Balinese folklore. Each depiction of characters, intricately painted and adorned with a vibrant palette, creates an imaginative stage that brings to life various figures dominating the rich mythology of Bali.

Through brushstrokes and rich colours, the Kamasan Wayang painting at Kerta Gosa is more than just a visual masterpiece; it is a medium that portrays moral and spiritual stories. As the shadows play a role on the beautifully decorated ceiling, this Kamasan Wayang painting becomes a living canvas, illustrating profound narratives. The Kamasan style, with its bold lines and intricate patterns, successfully captures the essence of Bali’s storytelling tradition. Each painting in this mesmerizing display depicts timeless stories passed down from generation to generation, strengthening a deep connection to the island’s cultural roots.

The Highlights:

Explore the enchanting features of Kerta Gosa:

  • Bale Kerta Gosa: Admire the intricate paintings on the pavilion’s ceiling, portraying scenes from the Mahabharata and Ramayana.
  • Bale Kambang: Surround yourself with the tranquillity of the lotus pond, enhancing the overall ambience of the royal court.
  • Historical Significance: Discover Kerta Gosa’s role as a centre for justice and appreciate its impact on Bali’s legal traditions.
  • Sumarajaya Museum: Immerse yourself in the artefacts and exhibits at Sumarajaya Museum, adjacent to Kerta Gosa.
  • Heritage Site: Recognize Kerta Gosa as a designated heritage site, preserving Bali’s historical and cultural legacy.
  • Lush Tropical Garden: Stroll through the lush greenery surrounding Kerta Gosa, adding a touch of natural beauty to your visit.
  • Photography Opportunity: Capture the intricate details, scenic landscapes, and historical charm for lasting memories.
  • Reflection on Human Karma through Kamasan Painting: Contemplate the symbolic elements within Kerta Gosa, particularly the Rooftop Ceilling Painting, fostering reflection on the concept of human karma.

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