Unveiling Melasti Beach: Bali’s Coastal Charmer for Romantic Retreats and Unforgettable Sunsets!

Melasti Beach, located in the serene south of Bali, boasts a pristine stretch of crystal-like white sandy shores and gentle waves. As a relatively new attraction in the southern region, it captivates visitors with its natural allure and breathtaking scenery. The combination of white sands and limestone formations along the coastline enhances the beauty of this coastal gem. The gentle breeze and panoramic views of the Indian Ocean create an inviting ambience, encouraging visitors to linger and savour the experience.

The beach’s tranquil waters, characterized by mild waves and crystal-clear seawater, make it an ideal spot for relaxation and recreation. Whether lounging under a spacious beach umbrella or indulging in a refreshing dip in seawater, Melasti Beach ensures a memorable holiday escape in Bali.

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Melasti Beach

Address Ungasan Village, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali
Phone 0813-3833-8994
Managed by DTW Pantai Melasti Management
  • Stunning Indian Ocean View
  • Sunset Point
  • Beach Club
  • Restaurants
  • Pre-wedding and Wedding Venues
  • Public Facilities
  • Parking Area


General Information

Melasti Beach, situated on the Bukit Peninsula, boasts expansive golden sands kissed by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. This public beach embraces a laid-back vibe, making it an ideal spot for strolls, sunbathing, and immersive sunsets. The beach welcomes both locals and tourists, offering a blend of relaxation and vibrant seaside activities.

Best Pre-wedding Venue in Bali

Melasti Beach offers a plethora of enchanting photo spots, making it an ideal location for pre-wedding or other photoshoots. Nestled within a captivating coastal landscape, this beach is renowned for its popularity for hosting pre-wedding sessions. With picturesque backgrounds like sandy beaches, limestone cliff walls, meandering roads, pristine white sand, crystal-clear seawater, charming platforms, and limestone hillsides, the beach provides a diverse and stunning array of settings. The scenic beauty is enhanced during sunset as the sun descends, creating a romantic atmosphere that establishes Melasti Beach as the top choice for pre-wedding shoots in Bali.


  • Stunning Indian Ocean View: Marvel at the expansive and mesmerizing panorama of the Indian Ocean.
  • Sunset Point: Experience breathtaking sunsets casting hues over the tranquil waters.
  • Beach Clubs and Restaurants: Explore vibrant beach clubs and savour local cuisine in nearby restaurants.
  • Pre-wedding and wedding venue: Consider Melasti Beach a dreamy and romantic backdrop for special occasions.
  • Public Facilities: Enjoy convenient amenities, including well-maintained public facilities.
  • Parking Area: Easily access the beach with ample parking space available.

Best Time to Visit

For an enchanting experience, visit Melasti Beach during the dry season from April to October. Clear skies and calm seas make this period perfect for sunbathing, water activities, and relishing the beach’s scenic beauty.

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We can combine our Uluwatu Tour and visit Melasti Beach to explore the Bukit Peninsula’s coastal gems. This tour offers a seamless blend of cultural landmarks and pristine beaches, creating a well-rounded Bali experience. So, please contact our team to get a deal.

Nearby Attractions

Melasti Beach is close to Pandawa Beach, Gunung Payung, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Nusa Dua Beach, Dreamland Beach, and Uluwatu Temple. Explore these neighbouring attractions to discover the diverse beauty of southern Bali.

MAP of Melasti Beach