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Lombok is a small island next to the islands of Bali and Sumbawa. It is a beautiful island in the Indonesian archipelago with a unique culture and friendly people. The famous local culture in Lombok is from the Sasak tribe, which is a mixture of Islamic and Hindu cultures. The local people have a harmonious and friendly lifestyle. Meanwhile, Lombok has beautiful nature from the mountains to the coast. Mount Rinjani is one of the highest mountains in Indonesia, offering beautiful natural charm. Likewise, their white sand beaches, such as Kuta and Senggigi beaches, are the charms of famous tourist attractions. Furthermore, Lombok also has several small exotic islands known as Gili. This area offers tourists the charm of Gili with white sand beaches and calm waves. We can explore and stay on the Gilis including Gili Terawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Likewise, we quickly find tourist facilities such as hotels, beach clubs, bars, and restaurants on these islands. The transportation in these islands is unique. Andong is the only transportation facility on the island. It is without the machine and uses horses to pull it. There is also a place to rent bicycles on this island for you to rent and surround this beautiful island.
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