Bali holds a Unique Bali Cremation Ceremony

Unique Bali Cremation Ceremony where the Balinese hold a lot of human ceremonies since they were born. When growing up to be teenagers, married and the last is when a member of the family passes away. The cremation ceremony is one of the life processes and everything is returned to the universe. That is a classical concept of Balinese life and it could be maintained until nowadays. In this video, the ceremony is held by a brahmin the highest caste in Bali. During the procession, the traditional Balinese music called Gambang played. This gamelan is very rare and is only played at the death ceremony of a brahmin. Before the body is taken to the cemetery, all family members offer prayers in front of Bade. The Bade means a tool to carry the body, which is very artistic and unique with Balinese decorations. Meanwhile, a priest led the ceremony by chanting the mantra, accompanied by the sound of a bell. All the families prayed with all their hearts so that the deceased could live happily in heaven. For them, this is the last prayer procession for the deceased and ancestors, who have preceded them.

The cremation ceremony is carried out lively. The local community have fun accompanying the funeral procession. There will be no sobs because in Bali itself there is a belief that the bereaved family should not cry over the deceased. Why? it is because it is considered to hinder the spirit’s journey to the place. Very interesting concept, right?