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Bali Indonesia Travels provides comprehensive ranges of travels arrangements through out Indonesia and Bali. Bali Star Island is your one stop travel company providing complete travel services includes land tours and booking services such as hotels, adventures, spa and other tourist attractions.

Janger Dance

Janger dance is one of Bali’s unique dances created in the 1930s. Gamelan batel or gender wayang instruments playing in the background, Janger is danced by 10 pairs of young men and women. The group of women is called janger, while the men are called kecak. They would alternately dance together and sing the Janger… Continue Reading

Enjoy The Amazing Sunset on Uluwatu

Uluwatu Temple is one of Balinese Hindu Temple in the southern part of Bali. Located on the cliff bank with a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean. This Bali Cliff Temple is very amazing, built on the narrow peninsula with deep rocky beach under it. Uluwatu temple has breathtaking view as well as a spectacular… Continue Reading

Unique Bali Cremation Ceremony.

The Balinese holds a lot of human ceremonies since they were born when grown to be teenagers, married and the last is when the member of family pass away. Cremation ceremony is one of the life processes and everything is returned to the universe. That is a classical concept of Balinese life and it could… Continue Reading