Janger dance is one of Bali’s unique dances created in the 1930s. Batel Gamelan or Gender Wayang instruments playing in the background, and Janger is danced by 10 pairs of young men and women. The group of women is called Janger, while the men are called Kecak. They would alternately dance together and sing the Janger song.

The accompanying Janger song is now popularised by Indonesian choir groups, playing at every international choir competition.

It is believed that the Janger dance was started by women farmers, who sang joyously in groups as a way to entertain themselves and relieve their exhaustion from a long day of fieldwork. This developed into a dance and became a means to meet young men from other villages. The general theme has now revolved around the initial romance of young couples. Imparting the classic tales of Arjuna Wiwaha and Sunda Upasunda.