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Pawon Temple is a small Buddhist Temple and locally known as Candi Pawon. It is a beautiful temple in line with Borobudur Temple as well as Mendut Temple. Its location from Borobudur temple is 1.75 km to the northeast and 1.15 km from Mendut temple. Pawon Temple is also built during the Sailendra dynasty (8th–9th centuries). Examines the detail and style of its carving, this temple is slightly older than Borobudur. Nowadays, this government has appointed it as one of the tourist destinations in Central Java and a stopping point during Borobudur Tours.

Pawon Temple’s Name

Firstly, the original name of Pawon temple is in uncertain. Meanwhile, Pawon literally means Kitchen (Javanese Language) which is derived from the root word Awu or dust. The connection to the word dust also suggests that this temple was probably built as a tomb or mortuary temple for the king. However, there is no one knowing who personage entombed at this temple. Meanwhile, the local people call this temple as Bajranalan based on the village name where the temple set in.


The temple is slightly facing to the northwest and stand on square base. Moreover, the beautiful Kala Markala carving was adorning each of entrance gates. We can find this Kala Markala design in common classic Javanese temples. Meanwhile, the relief of Boddhisatvas and Taras are well carved on the wall of the temple. We can also find the relief of Kalpataru (tree of life), flanked between Kinnara-kinnari. In addition, the square chamber inside is empty with a square basin in the center of it. Rectangular small windows were found, probably for ventilation.

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Pawon Temple Map

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