Dreamland Beach Bali, Best Bali Surf Spot with Exotic Panorama and Spectacular Sunset

Dreamland Beach Bali is a beautiful white sandy beach with great swells and appointed as one of the best surf spots in Bali Island. The beach is situated in the tranquility of Pecatu Graha Resort, the beautiful resort area with the famous 18 holes golf course of New Kuta Golf and other luxury hotels. The white stone hill as a backdrop was hiding the beach from the crowd of people to visit. Meanwhile, Dreamland Beach Bali is blessed by the breathtaking view of Indian Ocean as well as spectacular sunset in late afternoon. Moreover, the waves were compromises with great swells and ideally for intermediate surf level. The sundeck with beach umbrella for rentals are also available for day relaxation while enjoy the sea breeze flows from the ocean. Therefore, Dreamland Beach Bali is an ideal place to visit and relax for the whole day while enjoy the tropical atmosphere.

In addition, Dreamland Beach Bali is located in the tourist area precisely in the village of Pecatu, Badung regency area of southern Bali. To reach this beach takes 30 minutes from Kuta Beach and  from Ngurah Rai International Airport only takes about 45 minutes to reach this beach.  Dreamland Beach Bali offers superb white sandy beaches with private place that really  suitable to  relax and have a sun bathing while enjoying the sunset of southern Kuta area. Therefore, this beach is one of Bali places of interest that you must visit during your holidays in this island of God.

Dreamland Beach Bali History

bali, beach, dreamland beach, white sand, beautiful beach, beach viewBeach in Bali most of them is named from the location. Dreamland beach named by the local people because of the magnitude of their expectations of this beach become a famous tourist attraction and visited by many travelers entire the world. Local residents hopes to take the positive side of this development by changing the livelihoods of farming became tourism. Because of that, the local society call it “Dreamland Beach”. Dreamland beach is a dream for travelers who interested with beautiful white sandy beach. And also, it able to enjoy the great atmosphere and see wonderful sunset view in the evening. Visitors will be amazed when they saw the white sand behind the cliffs  lines. The cliffs are towering and adorned by shrubs that resemble the savanna that to fortify the coast.

Surfing at Dreamland Beach

Dreamland beach is popular for surfing, this beach has a great water condition that will make your surf more attractive. The best session for surfing at Dreamland Beach is during dry season. It is because,the wind flow from the southeast to the west. Hence, it could create the great waves even barrel. That way, many surfers when go for surfing at this surfing point will get great waves and make their surfing fantastic. However, the powerful and big swells must be concerned by surfers at all times. Because, we should be aware with every unpredictable condition of nature that will be happen.


  • Parking Area
  • Food Stall
  • Hotels
  • Restaurant

  • Bars
  • Security
  • Water Park
  • Golf Course

  • Drink Stall
  • Chair with Umbrella
  • Public Toilet
  • Beach Massage



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