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Yogyakarta City is a big city that maintains traditional concepts and Javanese culture. This city is the residence of Sultan Hamengkubuwana and Adipati Paku Alam. Yogyakarta City was also the capital of Indonesia in 1946. In addition, the name Yogyakarta is taken from two words, namely Ayogya or Ayodhya, which means peace. At the same time, the word Karta means good. Furthermore, the city is located in the valley of three rivers, namely the Winongo River, The Sungai river, and the Gajahwong River. This city has become a historic city since the local government system took the form of a kingdom. A Sultan (King) is the highest leader in this region, and this history extends to the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. But now, the city of Yogyakarta is a city that is friendly to tourists. We easily find hotels for accommodation or meetings. Likewise, a restaurant is also available. Tourists can do many things in this city, including tours, adventures, cultural studies, etc. In addition, this city is also known as a student city because there are many schools and universities in this city.
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