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Yogyakarta City is a culture and capital city located in the centre of Java Island a central of Yogyakarta tourism. The local people call this city Jogja or Jogjakarta which is a centre of education, classical Javanese fine and cultures such as Batik, ballet, drama, poetry and puppet show. This city has been the capital city of Indonesia during the Indonesian National Revolution of 1945 – 1949. Moreover, it is one of the most famous cities in Indonesia as a tourist destination with plenty of tourists coming to visit the city in particular those who want to see the Javanese culture. Meanwhile, there are several popular land tours in Yogyakarta you may select one of them to see more detail about this city. Because there are several tourist attractions and places of interest are existing and nearby the city.


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Yogyakarta City has a long story with its existed since ever. Firstly, the era of Mataram Kingdom in 8 – 10th centuries with the popular king was Sanjaya King. During this era, Mataram, for about three centuries its heartland in Kewu Plain (southern slope of Mount Merapi) became the centre of a refined and sophisticated Javanese Hindu-Buddhist culture. We can see the historical heritages such as Borobudur, Pawon, Mendut and Prambanan Temple as well as other small temples throughout the city.

Majapahit Era

Furthermore, we continue with the Majapahit Empire era 1293 – 1527, one of the biggest kingdoms in Asia. And then, the Mataram Sultanate era 1575 – 1620 with Kotagede as a capital city is the next story. Afterwards, we continue with Gianti Treaty era 1745 – 1945 where the colonialism has undermined it. Lastly, the Indonesian independence 1945 era until the present is showing that this city has a part of the story this country story.

Yogyakarta Tourism

The city has experienced tourism development rapidly even though keep maintain and preserve it won cultures. There are many hotels, restaurants, lodge, souvenir shops, as well as other tourist attractions, are easily found throughout the city. Traditional transportation like Trishaw and carriage horse still exist where you may try to complete your experience in this city. Places of interest are just nearby with beautiful sites as well as heritage objects. Yogyakarta Tours are the popular activities for tourists who want to visit this city with several options such as One Day Yogyakarta Tour, Borobudur Sunrise Tour and 2 Days and one night Yogyakarta Tour.

Other Places of Interest or Tourist Destinations Nearby

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