Make an Exciting Trip at Paradise Island

Make an Exciting Trip at Paradise Island

Hey good morning, How was your exciting trip Guys? today I would like to share an exciting trip suggestion for you to try in Bali. As we know Bali is a small island of Indonesia. Bali’s very popular to be a tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourist. Bali’s very popular with the power of their art and culture. Every tourist who came to Bali always try to find and search every information about art and culture. Nowadays Bali have variety product to be your activities when visiting Bali. This product is one of adventure product in Bali.

Amazing sport

Canyoning is an adventure in the outdoors and sports by using a variety of techniques such as caving, walking, wading, crawling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, gliding into the natural slope or swim in the water. This activity will be your new experience when visiting Bali. Full with adventure content, this activity will also make your trip more memorable. The location of this activity can be found at Sembangan village or at Gitgit village Singaraja regency, Bali – Indonesia. to access those village you only need car or motorcycle, and it’s will be about more than 2 hours to arrive at those village from Denpasar city.

canyoning02Usually in the rainy season will be a barrier for some people indulge. No exception activists wild. Nature exploration, rock climbing, mountaineering, camping and other outdoors sports various barriers to enter the weather into consideration preparation for the culprit. But that does not apply to Canyoning. Canyoning is a sport type of nature that has not been so popular in Indonesia is actually a lively done during the rainy season. Rainy season deliberately choose to climb due to discharge abundant waterfalls. The challenge lies precisely in the swift barrier waterfall. This activity is a recommended activity for you who want to become the different traveler. Don’t be afraid about your skill in doing this activity, because here is available a professional trainer and guide who will accompany you to do this activity. When you try this activity you will also able to choose your own route, start from the beginner route until the expert route are available for you.

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