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Nirwana Bali Golf Information is providing comprehensive information about the beautiful Tanah Lot Golf Resort including the club rules, scorecard until rain check policy. This Nirwana Bali Golf Information is a travel guide for golfers who wants to play at the prestigious Tanah Lot Golf Resort. Furthermore, Nirwana Bali Golf is located in the famous tourist destination of Tanah Lot Temple, west part of Bali Island. It is just about 35 minutes to drive away from Bali’s International Airport. Moreover, Nirwana Bali golf is set in the natural nature and flat between the rice fields. Greg Norman has designed this golf course with beautiful landscape in front of the Indian Ocean. The signature hole is hole number 7 overlooking to the magnificent view of Tanah Lot Temple with spectacular sunset as a backdrop. Also, you can discover complete Nirwana Bali Golf Information on this page.

Nirwana Bali Golf Information

There are several important Nirwana Bali Golf Information can be found through this page as your value-added before playing 18 holes at the best golf course in Asia.

Nirwana Bali Golf – Score Card

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R & A Rules Govern All Play
Except Where Local Rules Prevail

  • Out of bounds are defined by white stakes
  • Water hazard are defined by yellow stakes and or lines
  • Lateral water hazards including all unmarked rice fields, are defined by red stakes or lines
  • Ground Under Repair is defined by white lines
  • All irrigations and drainage systems, cart paths, yardage markers as well as lighting conductors are immovable obstructions
  • Yardage markers located on sprinklers heads are laser measured to the center of the green
  • Temples are immovable obstructions, line of sight relief is given

Pace of Play

  • Maximum time fpr 18 holes is 4 hours 20 minutes
  • Avoid any unnecessary delay and allow faster players to play through
  • Players must follow directions of course marshalls

Tee Times

18 Holes:
First tee time available: 6:30 am
Last tee time available: 2:00 pm

9 Holes:
First tee time available: after 12:00 noon
Last tee time available: 4:00 pm

Club Rules

  • hole 7 shot, nirwana bali, nirwana bali golf, nirwana bali golf club, nirwana bali golf courseAll players must wear the proper golfing attire. This golf course is not permitting to wear T-shirt,  jeans, metal spiked shoes as well as spot shoes:
    • Men:
      Golf shirt with collar.
      Golf Bermudas or trousers.
      Rubber spiked golf shoes with socks.
    • Women:
      Women golfing attire.
      Rubber spiked golf shoes with socks.
  • Each player must have his/her own set clubs. Nirwana Bali Golf is not permitting to share the club.
  • Drive the golf cart on the cart path only. No children to drive the cart.
  • Player who takes a rest between holes may lose their playing  priority.
  • Maximum time for 9 holes play is 2 hours and 10 minutes.
  • Please observe golf rules and etiquette at all times.

Rain Check Policy

  • Nirwana Bali Golf Club will determine all stoppages of play  as a result of inclement weather including lightning. Any golfers who  discontinue a round of golf by their own initiative due to inclement weather  will not receive a rain check voucher.
  • If the Nirwana Bali Golf Club decides to close the course due to inclement weather, the golf course will apply the following rule when golfers playing:
    • 1- 6 holes in an 18-holes round will receive a full 18-holes Rain Check.
    • 7 – 12 holes in an 18-holes round will  receive a full 9-holes Rain Check.
    • 13 and 18 holes is not entitle for a Rain Check.
  • During Raining Season from January to April and October to  December, any golf registration made after 12.00 noon will not entitle for Rain  Check
  • Nirwana Bali Golf Club Management will issue all rain check vouchers.
  • Rain Check Voucher is valid for 3 months, no transferable as well as non refundable.
  • Rain Check voucher is valid to claim the green fee including golf cart as well as Caddy services only.

Other Information about Nirwana Bali Golf

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