Exploring Beautiful Jayapura Wamena Nature and Seeing Unique Local Culture

West Papua Tours offers various types of attractive tour packages in Wamena and Jayapura to explore beautiful nature. All our tour packages will provide extraordinary memories for your vacation. This is because we have designed all of our tours perfectly to visit interesting places and see the unique culture of Papua. All our tour packages are full of adventures in the wild to find places with amazing natural scenery. And even, we can meet with villagers with unique and interesting traditions. Also, we can witness phenomenal local cultures such as the Dani Ceremony and Pig Feast. Meanwhile, you will always be accompanied by our experienced tour guide during your tour and adventure in West Papua.

In addition, West Papua Tours provides an opportunity for you to choose the right tour package for you. All of our tour choices are the best tour packages and will provide a memorable experience. We will truly explore pure nature and meet with ethnic Papuans and see their daily lifestyle. In addition, the prices we offer are reasonable and affordable prices with attractive benefits. You can also see various choices of other tour packages in Indonesia through Bali and Beyond Vacation Packages.

Best Options of West Papua Tours

5 Days Baliem Valley City Tour

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This tour package is one of the popular tour packages from West Papua Tours that will take you to explore Wamena for 5 days / 4 nights. You will explore the beautiful nature of Wamena including the spectacular Baliem George. Also, you can see the rituals of the Dani with a unique ceremony that you have never seen. Trekking adventures break through the wild, crossing rivers through suspension bridges and traditional villages. So, this is truly an interesting tour adventure that will give you a different experience on your vacation. Furthermore…

5 Days Baliem Valley Jayapura Tour

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This tour will take you to explore the land of West Papua with its amazing natural beauty. And also, you will see Papua’s unique culture with amazing ancestral traditions. This tour package will provide exciting experiences for 5 days and 4 nights in the land of Paradise Papua. Also, you will explore mountains and valleys with beautiful views like the Baliem Valley. Meanwhile, our tour packages are complete with attractive benefits at affordable prices. So, this is one of the tour packages of West Papua Tours which are popular with tourists. Furthermore…

6 Days Baliem Valley Wamena Tour

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This tour will take you on an adventure in the land of Wamena Jayapura for 6 days and 5 nights. A tour full of adventure to explore the pristine nature in Papua to find amazing natural scenery. And even, you will find Dani with unique cultures and traditions like the Dani Ceremony. Meanwhile, your trekking adventure will explore the Baliem valley, traditional villages, and sweet potato gardens. Your experience will be unique to cross the suspension bridge over the river and see the life of the inland tribes in Papua. It’s an interesting tour package and one of the famous West Papua Tours that you need to reserve. Furthermore…

8 Days South Baliem Valley Trekking Tour

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It is a long tour package to West Papua to explore the Wamena and Jayapura areas. This tour package is full of adventure trekking to explore the beautiful nature of West Papua. And even, your adventures will find nature with amazing views. Also, you will find Papuans with unique culture in traditional villages in the interior of Candrawasih land. Meanwhile, this is truly a package tour with a moderate-level adventure to climb and descend the green hill at an altitude of about 1600 – 1700 meters above sea level. And also, we sometimes sleep in unique camps without beds with simple meals. So, this is the most popular tour package for tourists from other West Papua Tours. Furthermore…