Bali Surf Spots

Bali Surf Spots

Bali Surf Spots – Best Bali Surf Points

Bali Island offers plenty of surf spots throughout the shore in particular the south part of the island. Bali Surf Spots are available on the shore with facing the Indian Ocean. The best surf spots in Bali are coming from the east side of Denpasar City such as Keramas Beach and Lembeng Beach. It is continued to coastal side of Sanur until Serangan Island. Uluwatu point is one the greatest swells in the island only purpose for pro-surfers includes Uluwatu Beach, Nyang-nyang Beach, Suluban Beach, Bingin Beach, Dreamland Beach and Balangan Beach. For the intermediate level, you can go to Airport reef and Kuta Reef. Meanwhile, Kuta Beach and Legian Beach are ideally for beginner surfers. The shore along Canggu and Tanah Lot are ideally for beginner and intermediate level. Meanwhile, west Bali Surf Spots are available for intermediate up to pro-surfer such as Balian Beach and Medewi Beach.

Best Bali Surf Spots or Bali Surf Points

Kuta Beach – Favorite Beginner Bali Surf Spots

surf. surfing, surf spots. kuta, beach, bali, tourists, places, stay, places to stay, bali places to stay, kuta beachKuta Beach is a barometer of Bali Tourism has a beautiful panorama along the beach and owns the specific characteristic wave of Indian Ocean. It is one of Best Bali Surf Spots for beginner until the intermediate level. A long the Kuta Beach, the white sandy unfolding the coastal area from the north to the south. And also, it owns the magnificent view of sunset that makes Kuta Beach famous in all over the world.

Padang – Padang Beach – Great Bali Surf Spots

Padang – Padang Beach is another best Bali Surf Spots located 25 km southern part of Denpasar Town or 25 minutes drives from Bali’s International Airport. It has a beautiful beach with white sand along the coastal. The surfing point at Padang – Padang Beach is located underground in the steeply sloping hillside apposite to the Indian Ocean and has a big waves and good for surfing. The beach is growing to be a surfer destination as well as famous as a place for surf contest with local and international grade.

Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is located in Balangan Village Bukit Unggasan, Jimbaran Bali. It has a beautiful view of beach and a big wave good for surfing. This Bali surf point is quite easy to reach where this beach has been known by all people and famous among the surfers. Step down from the top hill to get the beach and you will start your great water adventure from here.

Dreamland Beach

bali, beach, dreamland beach, white sand, beautiful beach, interesting beachDreamland Beach is a beautiful beach with white sand along the shore with white stone hill as a backdrop. The name of Dreamland is coming from an elite resident at Pecatu Graha. It is one of best Bali surf spots owns a beautiful panorama and beach with great waves and make this place favorite for surfers. It is around 20 km from the Denpasar City or around 20 minutes from the Bali ‘s International Airport . The sunset panorama is also dominating this beach and now many people have come for resting.

Uluwatu Beach

uluwatu, bali, temple, hindu, places, places of interest, places to visitUluwatu is well known as a tourism destination because of it temple, Uluwatu it self also has a beautiful beach with the high wave and good for the surfer. Many surfers have experienced in this beach and all of them amazing with the wave. It is the most famous Bali Surf Spots with great swells and challenges. Stepping down from the clifftop to get the beach is a unique experience for the surfer. It is located in the Pecatu Village or 35 minute from Bali ‘s International Airport or only 5-minute form the Uluwatu Temple .

Nusa Dua Beach

beach resort, nusa dua, bali, luxury, elite, resorts, hotels, beach, nusa dua beach, places, places to stayNusa Dua area is well known as a resort area where many big hotels and high class has been built in this area. It own very beautiful beach a long with the white sandy and soft wave in edge of beach. However, Nusa Dua also owns a good wave for surfing adventure. It is also one of best Bali surf spots with constant swell in particular on shore break. Nusa Dua has very good access road so is very easy to locate this place.

Serangan Beach

Serangan Beach is one of best Bali surf spots located 5 km southern part of Denpasar Town. The beach come from the exploitation project and gives spaces for surfing points on the edge of the island. Meanwhile, many surfers have experienced at this surf spot and ideally for beginner and intermediate level. Food and drink stalls are available to serve fresh drinks or local foods.

Canggu Beach – Offers Best Several Bali Surf Points

Canggu Beach is located 10 km western part of Denpasar Town and own beautiful beach with the black sand along the beach. The big wave are easy to be found in this place and many surfer from local and foreign are love this place to experience this water adventure. It is located in Canggu Village, Kerobokan, Denpasar Bali and very easy to locate and accessed by motorcycle. Restaurant and Food stall (cafe) are available in this place make the visitor more enjoyable to stay in this beach. Canggu offers several best Bali Surf Points such as Berawa Beach, Batubolong Beach, Echo Beach and Pererenan Beach.

Medewi Beach

medewi, bali, beach, surf, spots, medewi beach, surf spots, surf points, bali surf spots, sunsetMedewi Beach is one of the best Bali surf spots in the west of Bali and famous with the beach and good wave for surfing. Hotel and restaurant are also available in this place to serve every visitor who wishes to enjoy the beauty of Medewi Beach. It is located in Jembrana Regency about 70 km western part of Denpasar Town or about 2,5 hours by car. Beside of Medewi Beach, Balian Beach is another great surf spot to add west Bali Surf Points .

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