Places of Interest – Sakenan Temple Denpasar Bali

Sakenan Temple Denpasar Bali is a Hindu Temple located in the northwest of Serangan Village, Sub district of Denpasar and Badung Regency. It is about 10 KM south part of Denpasar Bali and appointed as one of Bali’s places of interest. We see a coastal view with a beautiful sea, hill and Nusa Dua Beach which are located on the south side. The structure of Sakenan Temple is divided into 2 groups those are Sakenan Temple is a temple complex which is located on the east side and Dalem Sakenan Temple is a temple complex located on the west side.

Sakenan Temple History

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According to the papyrus of Dwijendra Tattwa, the name of Sakenan is coming from the word of Sakya means to earn direct unite the mind. This papyrus elaborates that Danghyang Nirartha had got stuck and feel the beauty of calm sea and breeze. Therefore he lodge there and do the yoga to worship to the God as supremacy of the safety and prosperity. At the time of doing yoga, he directly earn unite his mind Sakya. Therefore he builds the altar called Sakenan Temple. At the moment, the local people know this temple as Dalem Sakenan Temple, a west side complex temple area.

Sakenan Temple Ceremony

Meanwhile, the local people conducts the temple festival every 6 month (210 days). Furthermore, it is on Saturday of Kliwon Wuku Kuningan (Balinese Calendar). It is conjunction with Kuningan Day, a big holiday for Balinese Hindu. The celebration of temple ceremony is conducted during 3 days and the top ceremony procession is called Ceremony of Mapag Sakenan which is executed on second day (Sunday of Umanis Langkir). The celebration of Temple Ceremony is accompanied by the Wali Dance (sacred Dance) like Barong Ket and Barong Landung Dance. The Hindu people come to this place for worship to the god and they are coming from various areas, especially from Badung regency. Sakenan Temple in its growth now is a place of interest in Bali which you need to visit during your vacation in this tropical island.

Photo Gallery of Sakenan Temple


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