Bali Three Months Baby Ceremony | Photo Gallery

Bali Three Months Baby Ceremony | Photo Gallery

Bali Three Months baby Ceremony Photo Gallery Presenting Best Pictures of Baby Ceremony in Bali Island as One of the Biggest Balinese Hindu Rituals

Bali Three Months Baby Ceremony Photo Gallery provides best pictures of traditional tradition to commemorate the baby’s born in Bali Island. This ceremony is one of the Balinese Hindu rituals to celebrate the three month ages with unique tradition methods. Furthermore, it is purposing to introduce the baby against the world and clean the sin of baby’s soul as well as release all sins made on previous live (Reincarnation Believe). Before the age of three months, the baby is still believed own the clean soul, holy and not yet recognized the world. Therefore, this is the way that the baby known against the real world.  In addition, this ceremony is a part of Human Ceremonies and the procession is according to the local resident believed. Especially relevant to this, we present a picture of Three Months Baby’s Ceremony which is executed in one of countryside in Bali.

Three Months Baby Ceremony Procession

Hindu ceremony procession is very flexible as well as universe. It means that the procession of each ceremony will follow the local traditions as well as customs. However, it must to comply the main purpose of the ceremony. The striking different during the procession of ceremony can be seen on the offering style, the way of procession or the size of ceremony. One tradition is holding a very simple ceremony, meanwhile the other places make it bigger. Moreover, several Balinese performance are held to entertain the local villagers as a respectful of the baby’s family again their local community.

Photo Gallery

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