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Bali Island is a small beautiful island and a part of Indonesia’s archipelago, and the most famous of Indonesian tourism in the world. It owns the panorama and unique culture that makes this island exclusive to others. Furthermore, Its location is in the tropical situation as Dream Island for a vacation. Bali Island has many places of interest such as rice paddies, beautiful panorama, volcanoes, tourism activities as well as attractions. Also, it also has a beautiful jungle, long sandy beaches, warm blue water, crashing surf and friendly people. Moreover, the local people present daily community rituals and a lot of things make your holiday unforgettable. In Bali, the spirits are coming out to play in the moonlight. You can discover a festival and even a funeral on the island. Meanwhile, a good time of the day with a sea breeze will complete your holiday dream.

Discovery Beautiful Bali Island

Bali is the Island of God in Paradise among Indonesian tourism. Furthermore, it is a perfect tourist destination to enjoy the holiday with your family as well as collages. This tropical paradise has a unique blend of modern tourist facilities combined with wonderful shopping, a rich past as well as heritage sites. The Balinese people are proud of having preserved their unique Hindu culture against the advance of Islam, the dominant religion throughout Indonesia. It is also the Balinese festivals in a magnificent temple as well as palaces. We can find some best surfing spots on the island on the western side. Meanwhile, the eastern side is a wonderful haven for families, with beautiful white sand beaches and gentle seas. Once you explore the Indonesian tourism please do not miss to visit Bali.

Bali in Stories

Bali Island according to the ancient inscription of Blanjong written 835 Saka or 913 century which is released by Sri Kesari Warmadewa Kingdom that Bali Island is called ‘Bali Dwipa’. Meanwhile, Dwipa means island. The Bali Dwipa might be given by traditional merchants from India who the first time arrive on the island. They meet the local people full of religious activities by using the offerings (Banten). Base on the event they called Bali is Bali Dwipa.

Bali Tourism

As an international tourist destination, Bali Island is a complete and unique place to visit. Here, all guests can enjoy the island through plenty of activities such as sightseeing, adventures, spa, culture lessons, yoga, cruises, golf or relaxation on the beach. Bali Island is a highlight for Indonesian tourism to the world.

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Bali from Other Views


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According to the geographic, Bali Island is located in the tropical area and like other islands in Indonesia that Bali Island has consisted of the mountain area, coastal and sea. Its land is very fertile and own tropical climate so that this area is very precise as agrarian area.


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Balinese people have been well known as agrarian and friendly people. Meanwhile, they are holding the strong social life that existing up to now and become the fortress from unfavourable external influence pressure. In addition, they are very charm, warm and helpful.


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Most of the Balinese are Hindu while others are Muslim, Christian/catholic and Buddhist where they live in peace and love each other. We can see the religious activity ritual by Hinduism in Bali every day. Therefore, this island is more known as an island of heaven. Bali is featured by unique cultures that most adapted from the Hindu influence that still exist in this new modern era.


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As the eastern country and part of Indonesia, living in Bali is very simple and most of them are friendly people. However Balinese itself own special etiquette that you need to know before visiting the island. Furthermore, This simple etiquette is still running among the local people or community to respect each other.


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Balinese people have a strong community system and well organization. Banjar is a well organization community organizes every single part of the region in Bali. Meanwhile, the top of its is village, district, and regency until province. » Furthermore


Balinese Hindu has a strong concept in their life that is according to the balance of nature life. Many countries have adopted this living concept to keep secure the environment from a bad influence. » Furthermore

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