Bali Classic Culture Center Present Daily Balinese Live Performances

Balinese Live Performances at Bali Classic Culture Center provides daily as one of the tourist attractions. Furthermore, this site is a centre of Bali Mini cultures presenting daily Balinese Live Performances as well as culture courses. Meanwhile, these activities give more pictures of Balinese daily life activities and relate to the Hindu ritual and social life. The performances are presented at Bali Classic Center such as Barong Macan Ngelawang, Wayang Lemah (Day Puppet) and Other Balinese Traditional Dances.

What are the Live Performances to See?

  • Barong Macan Ngelawang
    Barong Macan Ngelawang is a Balinese traditional performance in form of Barong Macan (tiger). Furthermore, it needs two dancers  to performance this dance with Balinese Gamelan follow it. Moreover, the Barong will dance and do the procession of Ngelawang (parade) around the area of Bali Classic Center. In addition, it is a very unique live dance performance and presenting the beautiful movement.
  • Wayang Lemah
    It is one of secret Balinese Hindu Performances relating to the Hindu ceremony. It is a puppet show executed on the day time. Meanwhile the puppet show is performed in the night. But at Bali Classic Center is lively presented for all guests. This puppet show is not using a screen as usual puppet shadow show, but it use the yarn which is unfolded in front of puppeteer.
  • Balinese Dance

    It is presenting four types of dances with Balinese traditional Gamelan follow it. Those dances are very famous such as Cendrawasih, Barong Macan, Jauk Manis and Joged Bumbung. Meanwhile, it is the live dances performances on the beautiful stage which you can enjoy and taking a part of photos for memorable things.

Photo Gallery

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