Indonesian Embassy are available in all over the world for your legal administration arrangement. Furthermore, this site provides the Indonesian Embassy or Indonesian High Commission or Indonesian Consulate office for United Arab Emirates.

Note: We are Bali Star Island provide the information about Indonesian Embassy Office ONLY. We do not take care all the business of Indonesian Embassy. If you wish to contact the Indonesian Office for United Arab Emirates, please contact them at the below address details. Or you can contact Indonesian Embassy Office in Jakarta at

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Indonesian Embassy for United Arab Emirates, as a result below:

Indonesian Embassy/High Commission/ Consulate For United Arab Emirates
Office : Embassy
Address : Zone 2, Sector 79, Villa No. 474, Sultan bin Zayed Street (Street- 32), Al Bateen Area
Postal : P.O.Box 7256
City : Abu Dhabi
State : Abu Dhabi



United Arab Emirates

Phone : (+971-2) 4454448
Fax : (+971-2) 4455453
Email : [email protected], [email protected]
URL and furthermore :
Office : Consulate
Street Address : Villa No. 1 Community 322/2A Al Hubaida
Postal Address : P.O.Box 73759
City : Dubai
State : Dubai



United Arab Emirates

Phone : (+971-4) 3985666, 3985103
Fax : (+971-4) 3980804
Email : [email protected]
Website and furthermore :

We are opening for any suggestion of the new Indonesian Embassy Office Address when you know the exact address. Moreover, In case you find incorrect or uncompleted information about the Indonesian Embassy Office. Therefore please kindly fill the Indonesian Embassy Suggestion Form here.

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