Tanah Lot Art and Food Festival 2017

Tanah Lot Art and Food Festival 2017 is an art and food festival conducted in Tanah Lot to preserve the traditional art and food from the modern influence. And also, this event is introducing the art and creativity of local foods. Furthermore, this festival is very festive where the opening of the event led directly by the Regent of Tabanan. Meanwhile, The event was organized by involving local residents and local communities throughout Kediri district. The variety of traditional arts were presents in this festival includes a parade of Gebogan (Balinese Offering) paraded by the groups of local women. Such as Tanah Lot Temple. This Tanah Lot Art and Food Festival 2017 is also used as a promotion effort to grab more tourists to come and visit Tanah Lot.

Tabanan Government Struggle on Tourism Promotion

Tabanan Government as a responsible, keep struggling to maximizing all potential in Tanah lot temple. This event runs on 07 – 09 of July 2017, with name Tanah Lot Art and Food Festival.

The implementation of Tanah Lot Art and Food Festival is an effort to maintain and preserve the arts and culture of Bali. This effort to protect the culture especially in Tabanan regency. It is raising the potential of existing art in the 23 traditional villages in Kediri Sub-district. This event will certainly affect the level of foreign tourists visit to Tanah Lot as World Class Tourism Destination.

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The theme of the event is “Luhuring Segara Rasa Lan Raksa”. It means the sea as an energy center that embodies a cultured person. The chosen theme aims to discribe about the sea because the sea is the advantage of Tanah Lot besides the sea is also a giver of energy in our lives.

This event not only will show you about the culture but also the local food especially food from Tabanan. During 3 days, you will find any kind of local food with international standard and sure will not lose out from international dishes.

During three days event, the committee will select 3 culinary as a menu package that will be special menu today.  Ares Soup as appetizer, Lawar Kuwir as a main course, and laklak biu as dessert.

How to Get Tanah Lot?

There are many ways to get Tanah Lot even you may join the tours with your local travel company to assign your itinerary to go to this site. There are plenty of tour arrangement or tour packages out there to visit this temple and we can also recommend you with our favorite tours to Tanah Lot bellows:

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