Presenting The Biggest Bali Purification Rituals – Melasti Ceremony Photo Gallery

Melasti Ceremony is the biggest purification ritual by parading Hindu God Symbols procession to the sea. It is a unique tradition in Bali Island as well as other regions in Indonesia involving the majority of Hindu peoples. Furthermore, this ceremony is usually held 3 days before the silent day or Nyepi Day. The Melasti ceremony is also famous for the name Melis or Mekiis. Moreover, the Balinese people will go and carry all god symbols to the beach holy water resources for purification purposes. In addition, this ceremony is purposing to clean the human body (Bhuwana Alit) and the entire earth (Bhuwana Agung) from badness or bad spirits.

Melasti Ceremony Procession

It is the biggest Bali Purification Rituals involving the most Balinese Hindu people to carry all the God symbol to the sea as well as other holy water resources. Furthermore, all of the Balinese people wear the Balinese costume with white color dominant. The Balinese traditional instrument (Gamelan) is sound during the parade procession with some of priest lead among the people. After arriving at the beach, all god symbols are purified based on local rituals process. afterward, it carried back to the temple and keep it sacred. Each of Balinese Hindu people will go to the temple for worshiping to get the prosperity and peaceful for the entire world.

Purposing Melasti Ceremony

The Meaning of Melasti ceremony is a self-cleaning process of human as well as entire universe with the sacred Hindu rituals. The purpose of this Melasti ceremony is to purify Bhuana Alit (small world – Human body) as well as Bhuana Agung (this universe) from bad influences, bad deeds and bad thoughts. Bhuana Alit (small world) is meaning the heart / soul of each individual who is living in this world. Meanwhile, the Bhuana Agung was the wide world or this universe. This ceremony is very important value to remind /realize how important this life as well as we need a day to purify ourselves and the universe. In addition, all the components that living in this world have a clean soul. Therefore, the world can survive from the threat of a bad thing.

Photo Gallery

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