Perancak Temple is also called by Pura Perancak situated at shore in Perancak Countryside, Negara sub district and Jembrana Regency. Furthermore, estuary river of Perancak where the fishermen boats are docking around it. It is one of the sacred Hindu temples in west part of Bali usually used by local Hindu people for worshiping to the god.

Perancak Temple Story

west bali temple, perancak temple, bali, west bali, jembrana, estuary river, temple on estuary river, placesPertaining to the name (Abhiseka) of Purancak Temple, it is inseparable from the holy journey (Dharmayatra and Tirthayatra) of Danghyang Dwijendra, a famous Siwa Religion Adviser. He wait his wife and son who go up the leaky boat that had been patched by spool gourd leaf ( Waluh Pahit), while Danghyang Dwijendra go up a bitter fruit Waluh (spool gourd) by using his both hand and feet as oar.

Religius Hindu Temple

main temple, perancak temple, bali, west bali, jembrana, estuary river, temple on estuary river, places, places of interestContinuing of the above story that this temple is kept by a priest every day who waiting and monitoring everyone who cross the way. The priest will remind and admonishing if there anyone who pass and neglect to conduct the pray based on the regulation stated by I Ngurah Ragsasa, the powerful and handle hegemony over there .

Dhangyang Dwijendra and his family continue his holy journey and pass this temple. When he reach in the silent moment of praying, suddenly inscrutable fact happened that this temple breaks. Dhangyang Dwijendra finally fulfills his request and then he do pray again to return the temple condition like previously. By blessing of his spiritual strengthens and Chastity, the temple become intact return.

West Bali Temple and Other Places of Interest Nearby

There are several places of interest you can discover at this region includes Medewi Beach, Bunut Bolong, Perancak Temple, Rambut Siwi Temple and West Bali National Park.


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