West Bali National Park is one of the national park located west side of Bali Island with beautiful panoramic, unique nature ecosystem and fresh atmosphere. West Bali National Park or most the local people call Taman National Bali Barat is one of the tourist destinations in Negara Regency and many visited by tourists.

West Bali National Park Location

The park is located at west side of Bali Island and close to Gilimanuk Port or about 4 hours drive away from Bali’s International Airport. Some of the Bali West National Park Area located in Grokgak sub district, Singaraja Regency and some of the area located in Melaya Sub district, Jembrana Regency. It is very easy to locate it from Denpasar direction to follow the main road go to Gilimanuk Port or Singaraja town to Gilimanuk Port.

West Bali National Park Generally

west national park tour jalak bali, starling, west bali national park full day tourAccording to Republic Indonesia Forestry Minister decision written on the official letter no 493/Kpts-II/1995 that Bali West National Park own 19.002,89 ha which is consisted of 15.587,89 ha land and 3.415 ha ocean. The conservation effort toward the ecosystem at this park goes to three objective activities as follows:

  1. To protect the ecosystem those support the life
  2. Pickling the variety of flora and fauna including the habitat
  3. Exploiting everlastingly the nature resources including the ecosystem and furthermore.

Topographic of this park own constant gradation between mount, hill, valley, bay and sea. The mountain area is involving up to 71% from the total park area as protected forest with multifarious faunas like deer, forest pig, lion, birth etc. meanwhile the flat area is about 29% located in north part of main road Gilimanuk – Singaraja until Java Sea.

Flora and Fauna

Beside of the above animals, a couple of reptiles and other 60 rash of births also can be found. The condition of coral reef at this park is highly varied with unique combination and multifarious of habitats.

What to do?

Forest Zone is the protector for Main Zone and able to do the activities like in Main Zone and limited tourism activities. Exploitation Zone able to do the activities like both zones, build the nature tourism facilities and other facilities to support the conservation.

  1. Nature Tourism like jungle trekking, diving, snorkeling, camping, bird watching, etc.
  2. Nature Educational
  3. Research
  4. Religion activities especially for Hindu people due to there are 2 Hindu Temple existing in this park and furthermore


menjangan island, bali, national, park, west bali, national park, bali national park, west bali national park, taman, taman nasional, taman nasional bali baratThe forest area in west part of Bali has been appointed as Nature Park and then famous called by Bali West National Park based on the decision of kings throughout Bali on 13 August 1947 No. E. 1/4/5. This reason is purposing to protect the Fauna and the beauty of nature which is useful for education and cultures. According to the legend from the local community Jaya Prana and Layon Sari which is very famous history among the Balinese and it is frequently connected to this park area. In this area, we can also find the old grave to remind the tragic history from Jaya Prana (a young Balinese man) killed by the high serve empire in order to get his girl friend Layon Sari as a wife of king.

Tourist Destinations

As a tourist destination, we can find easily the tourist facilities at Bali National Park like hotels, restaurants, trekking track, birth watching, parking area and others. Since it is appointed as a tourist destination in Bali, many tourists from domestic and foreign countries visits this park and most of them takes Bali West Tour Packages that visit many other places of interest in west part of Bali. There are several tourist destinations can be visited in Jembrana Regency includes Rambut Siwi Temple, West Bali National Park, Perancak Temple, Medewi Beach and Bunut Bolong.


  • Parking Area
  • Public Toilet
  • Trekking Activities and furthermore
  • Entrance Fee – Charge
  • Souvenir Shops
  • Food Stall and furthermore
  • Drinks Stall
  • Local Guide and furthermore

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