-Singaraja Bali 7 Secret Waterfalls – Aling – Aling Waterfall and Sambangan

Aling – Aling Waterfall is one of the wonderful waterfalls in a complex of 7 secret waterfalls situated in Sambangan Village, Singaraja. Also known as Sambangan Waterfall because of its location in the same village. Moreover, there are 7 waterfalls here that are named differently by the locals. Other waterfalls namely are Pucuk Waterfall, Twin Falls, Cemara Waterfall, Canging Waterfall, Dedari Waterfall and Kroya Waterfall. The most famous of that waterfalls is Aling – Aling since located in the middle, is easy to access and within a medium trekking area. Located on a river of tranquillity in Sambangan Village with pure nature around it.

In addition, the rice paddy, cocoa, coffee and clove plantation can be found along the road to Sambangan Waterfalls. A tranquil atmosphere blends with the sound of splashing water of waterfalls, and the sound of wild birds including other animals providing a memorable experience for everyone who visits this site. The location of these waterfalls is about 110 kilometres from Ngurah Rai International Airport which can reach within 3,5 hours by car or 11 kilometres from Singaraja City. Aling – Aling Waterfall is also designed as one of Bali’s Places of Interest that is recommended to visit while travelling to this island.

Access to Sambangan Waterfalls Including Aling – Aling Waterfall

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Aling – Aling Waterfall is very easy accessible from Singaraja Town or Denpasar. When arriving at Sambangan Village or Start Trekking Point, you need to register and pay the entrance fee including local guide services. You may choose 3 trekking options at Sambangan Waterfalls includes Long Track, Medium Track and Short Track.

Trekking begins with exploring beautiful rice fields and lush gardens with tropical trees including cocoa, coffee and cloves. Hence, we will pass the river while enjoying the fresh atmosphere of the forest. For short and medium trekking, the first waterfall that we see is Aling – Aling and then proceed with 3 waterfalls. Meanwhile for the long track, we are going to start the trekking adventure from Tying Tali Dam and then discover other 6 waterfalls.

Sambangan Waterfalls Famous as Singaraja Bali 7 Secret Waterfalls

Sambangan Waterfalls feature with 7 waterfalls where those are located at the same area. Local people has given the name of each waterfall to identify them. The following waterfalls are as follows:

Canging Waterfall

Located at the top of Aling – Aling and under the Tali Tying Dam. This waterfall comes from a local word that takes tropical trees grow beside the waterfall.

Dedari-Waterfall Or Angle-Waterfall

Situated step down after Canging Waterfall. Name of Dedari Waterfall is from the local word “Dedari” which means angle. That’s because, the local community believes, some groups of angel use this waterfall for bathing purposes. Hence, it’s name slow down become Dedari Waterfall.

Cemara Waterfall Or Fir-Waterfall

Cemara Waterfall is another beautiful waterfall on top of Aling – Aling. Meanwhile, the name of this waterfall is coming from the Cemara (Fir) trees that growth around this area. Therefore, the local commonly call this waterfall by Cemara Waterfall.

Aling – Aling Waterfall

It is the most famous waterfall within 35 meters high and blue lagoon on top of it. Set in the middle of trekking track at Sambangan Village while we can see from the small cemented bridge.


Kroya Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall with a nature water slide in Sambangan Village. Waterfall names coming from the tropical tree of Kroya (Balinese Word) growth beside of waterfall. According to the local story, that it was big water flows and hit the Kroya Tree into the bottom of lagoon without ever appearing on water surface. Visitor can do water sliding on this waterfall. However, we suggest to use the safety equipment and follow the instructions of professional guide.

Kembar Waterfall or Twin-Waterfall

Kembar Waterfall name is coming from the local word “Kembar” means twin. There is a great challenge for those of you who love the adventure that you may jump to the water from 10 meter high at this spot.


Pucuk waterfall is the last waterfall at Sambangan Village with 15 meters high. This waterfall offers the great challenges for the visitors who love the adventure by jumping into the water. You must wear safety equipment and follow the instruction from professional guide. And also, you must arrange the travel insurance before doing this adventure to protect your journey.

Other Places of Interest and Waterfall to Visit in Singaraja Bali

Singaraja Town is a second town for Bali Island featuring with many places of interest. The local government has appointed them as tourist destinations. The following places of interest are includes

What Tour Arrangement Can Visit This Aling – Aling Waterfall or Sambangan Waterfalls

Our Singaraja Lovina Tour and Dolphin Watching Lovina Tour Packages are the favorite tourist activities to discover several above places of interest. You may add these waterfalls to visit during the tour with small additional cost. Therefore, please feel to contact our team to get the offer.


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