Carat Waterfall – Singaraja Bali Places to Visit

Carat Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall situated at the tranquility of Tamblang Village, 30 minutes away from Singaraja Town. The name of waterfall is coming from Balinese word call “Carat” means the water jug (traditional jug made from land). It is because, the local Balinese people assume the edge of waterfall is look like jug (Carat). Hence, it slow down the local people give it the name of Carat Waterfall. Meanwhile, Bali has water attractions that offer fantastic experiences. One of them is the waterfall tour. And also, there are many attractions as the favorite of tourists who come to Bali, one of that is Carat waterfall.

In addition, Carat waterfall is the highest waterfall in Bali Island located in Tambalang Village, Kubutambahan District, Singaraja Bali or approximately 85 km from the Denpasar city. If we take from Singaraja Town, it just 21 km or 30 minutes drive away. This waterfall has been recommended as one of places to visit in Bali when you visit the island.

Carat Waterfall Location

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Carat Waterfall

The gateway of this waterfall is located on main roadside between Kintamani to Singaraja via Kubutambahan. When arriving at Tamblang Village, you will find signboard of this waterfall where the waterfall is just ± 600 meters. You must go for trekking through the path way and crossing the river through the bridge until you arrive at the spot. Carat Waterfall is situated in the serenity and pure nature in north part of Bali with coffee and clove plantations area surround it. The local people are conventionally using the water for daily water consumption where there are several water pipe existing through the track.

Carat Waterfall, One of Bali Places to Visit

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View of Carat Waterfall

Carat Waterfall is a secret waterfall that most Balinese people believe with force of nature therefore strongly recommended for all visitors do not damage any objects around the waterfall or do impolitely manner when visiting it. There are strong warning that you may not shout the bad words, rude and impolite manner (actions are not acceptable with eastern cultures). Therefore, we are required to go to this place politely, keep and preserve the natures. There are two waterfalls existing at this spot those are the tall and short waterfall. The tall waterfall is located under the smaller waterfall and very deep about 100 meters surrounded by beautiful cliff bank. meanwhile the short one is just about 4 meter high. There is a lagoon under the short and usually used for bathing or just splashing for anyone who visit it.

The visitors only see the short waterfall from the close distance. Meanwhile, we can see the tall one from the distance or top hill. It is because, no any access to reach the bottom of this waterfall. It is high recommended to bring the short pant, t-shirt, trekking shoes if you want to visit this site. Meanwhile mineral water or other drinks are absolutely be brought since the place is not well developed as a tourist destination yet where no much tourist facilities available.

Places of Interest and Other Waterfalls in Singaraja Bali

Singaraja Town is a second town for Bali Island featured by many places of interest those are well appointed as tourist destinations. The following places of interest are includes:

What Tour Arrangement to Visit Carat Waterfall?

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